15 DIY Unique Wooden Desk Organizer Ideas and Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

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Are you worried about having a mess in your house all the time, with accessories such as utensils, a child’s pen/pencil, books, and office supplies scattered everywhere?

Well, you happen to land at the right spot, at the right time because I have a great solution to get rid of your whole mess in a well-organized and sophisticated manner. With these DIY unique wooden desk organizer ideas and projects for beginner woodworkers that can be used for various purposes, you’ll now not be worried about the mess.

Finding small things like keys, watches, chargers, smartphones, tablets, and many more will be the least of your worries.

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15 DIY Unique Wooden Desk Organizer Ideas and Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

15 DIY Unique Wooden Desk Organizer Ideas and Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

1. Wooden Docking Multipurpose Station Desk Organizer

Wooden Docking Station, Desk organizer For Smartphone, Tablet, Watch, Wallet, Shades, Keys Coins, Handmade Men's Christmas Gift, for Him, for Husband, Dad Gifts, with Built-in Mirror, with Card Holder

The ROSTMARRYGIFT brand has designed this docking desk organizer which serves as a multipurpose desk making it a great space-saving idea. You can easily find out your belongings placed in separately attached different boxes. The desk having multiple attached boxes enables you to find your belonging with great ease.

It has boxes available for a tablet, smartphone, wallet, keys, credit card/business card, watches, pen holder, and pencil holder slots weighing just a meagre 1.52 pounds.

It is made up of high-quality Birch plywood furnished with an attractive design. This desk is the best gift for your husband, wife, even a family member or friend.

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2. Wooden Caddy Storage Station Desk Holder Organizer

Coideal Wooden Office Supplies Desk Organizer with Drawer 6 Compartments Wood Desktop Storage Caddy Storage Holder Organizer for Mail, Pen Pencil (Brown & Black)

Caddy station has four compartments; two holders for mail, files or paper holder, and one drawer. This desk is an ideal gift a wife can present to her husband. The Caddy Station is suitably designed to be used for Office use. The drawer is made of environmental MDF board thickness of 9mm and solid PVC material. It can carry many accessories simultaneously with its good stability and long-lasting quality. Also, Coideal offers a fantastic offer: if someone is not satisfied with this product, they will exchange it with any other.

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3. Victor Midnight Shelf Black Wooden Desktop Organizer

Victor Wood Midnight Black Collection, 4-Shelf Desktop Organizer, Black, (4720-5)

Victor introduced this desktop that owns a fantastic and attractive colour: Midnight Black. On top of the organizer, a sliding door is available that can carry files. The drawer is made for pens and desk supplies. Two more racks are present for space-saving. Its unique feature is that it has non-slippery rubber feet that induce the chance of scratches to the workplace/ home place or any surface that it sits on.

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4. One Home Monitor Wood Stand Riser Desk

1home Wood Monitor Stand Riser, 2 Tiers Desk TV Shelf with Cellphone Holder, Ergonomic Laptop Printer Stand with Cable Management for Laptop, Computer, Notebook, iMac, PC, 21.3 inches, Black

It provides a comfortable eye-level height for the user to use his/her desktop. It is made up of high-quality matte MDF material available in smooth black colour, offering a beautiful and stylish design. Its different compartment can organize all home supplies such as razor, pencil, remote, wallet, cell phone, and many more items. There’s no better multifunctional organizer with this desk that can help you say goodbye to that stubborn mess.

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5. Victor Wood Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder

Victor Wood Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder, Midnight Black, 9525-5

It has three small compartments for storing bauble and three large containers for storing writing utensils and another accomplice. It also has a particular cell phone holder painted with a beautiful black colour. Attractive design with MDF wood having forested glass windows and a smooth black finish this desk is bound to impress you.

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6. Safco Product 9420CY Literature Cherry Adjustable Wood Organizer

Safco Products 9420CY Wood Adjustable Literature Organizer, 12 Compartment, Cherry

Safco offers a wood organizer with cherry colour with twelve compartments that can clear up a considerable part of your mess. You will have no difficulty in searching out small items or accessories. It also has a different box for pen/pencil, books, office files, paper, binder, etc.

These compartments are removable and adjustable for making space for large utensils. This desk is constructed with hardwood shelves, with a fiberboard frame having a laminate finish that makes it scratch-proof.

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7. Safco 9419CY Vertical Cherry Desk Top Organizer

Safco Products 9419CY Vertical Desk Top Sorter, 11 Compartment, Cherry

This is a vertical desktop with 11 compartments. Fiberboard is inserted inside it, and the back is made of solid fiberwood. The shelves possess a removable feature if the user wants to expand the space as desired. This unique desk organizer is made from recycled material and hence is recyclable itself. It gives a beautiful laminate finish to your furniture and is made of durable wood from which stains can easily be cleaned off

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8. Coideal Large Remote Holder Caddy Table Wooden Organizer

Coideal Wooden Large Spinning Remote Controls Holder Caddy for Table, Rotating Office Supplies Desk Storage Organizer/Revolving Wood Pen Pencil Holder (6 Compartments, Brown & Black)

This caddy holder has six compartments, one side slot for pen/pencil, calculator, mail, books, notes, and the other four to keep your remote, tablet, mobile phones, markers, glasses, scissors, and other similarly large utensils. Another remarkable feature it possesses is that the desk can be turned and rotated at 360 degrees on the spot. This makes it convenient for the user to reach every side without the possibility of stressing himself/herself out.

Coideal ensures its customer’s satisfaction. This policy is justified by their approach in which if the user doesn’t find the product the best quality, they can return it claiming a full refund.

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9. JOISCOPE Home Office Computer, Small Study Writing, and Industrial Desk

JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk,Small Study Writing Desk with Wooden Storage Shelf,2-Tier Industrial Morden Laptop Table with Splice Board,47 inches(Vintage Oak Finish)

JOISCOPE introduced a new, innovative, and stylish industrial desk; no great effort is required to set up this table. It is made up of premium steel and chipboard, making the computer desk reliable, stable, sturdy, and durable. Its stylish look makes it a suitable decoration item for offices and homes, while its design makes it a useful desk that can be used for many purposes. Its storage space helps to store large items. Furthermore, its large table allows large objects to be placed upon, such as laptops, keyboards, mice, etc. Having all these features in mind makes this desk a solid wood desk organizer.

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10. Jerry and Maggie Wooden Storage Adjustable Rack True White Desk Organizer for Toy and Home Décor

Jerry & Maggie - Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack Adjustable Wood Display Shelf | Birthday Gifts - Toy - Home Decor | - Free Style Rotation Display - True Natural Stand Shelf White Wood Tone

It is made up of natural wood, having no pungent smell. This desk has two adjustable parts, that can be moved and rotated as desired. It is white coloured with flat and sturdy construction. This desk is lightweight and allows it to be easily carried and transported anywhere.

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11. Massa Valet Multi-device Charging Station Desk Organizer

Massca Valet Charging Station Multi-Device Office Desk Organizer Perfect Nightstand Organizer Great for Your Wallet, Keys, Phones & Other Electronic

This desk is specially designed for men’s valet charging stations, which can easily store a mobile phone, tablet, keys, wallet, and other electronics. It helps in saving your time in finding your belongings, especially when you are in a hurry.

All charging stations are made from high-quality composite wood, eco-friendly, durable, non-conductive, and safer for electronic devices. It is also best for placing coffee mugs, and a DIY desk organizer tray is present for watches.

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12. DL Furniture Wood-plastic Composite White Desk Organizer

DL furniture - 3 Compartment Wood plastic composite Desk Organizer, Perfect For Book Shelf, Make Up Organizer, Cookie Rack (White1)

It is made up of unique wood style; the WPC board is waterproof, anti-decay, anti-rot, and eco-friendly. It is multifunctional that can be used as a mini bookshelf, mobile device organizer, and cookies rack. It is the best gift for children, family, and friends. Easy to carry, move, and clean. It is made up of a fine woodworking desk organizer.

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13. SONGMICS Monitor Stand Riser Container Bamboo Natural Wood Desk Organizer ULLD201

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The bamboo monitor stand is eco-friendly and unlike glass ones, is not easily breakable. The angle of sight of this desk prevents a user from getting headaches, neck, or eye strain by looking down on the computer screen, and its build improves the computer ventilation. It is a recommended desk for TV, printer, cellphones, laptops, cups, paper, clippers, staplers, and other office supplies. Its moveable drawer also allows you to move your keyboard and mouse.

14. Inko Times Bamboo Charging Station Multiple Device Organizer

InkoTimes Bamboo Charging Station for Multiple Devices Organizer - USB Wooden Charging Docking Station - Perfect for Smart Phone Pad Tablet Home Family Office or Gift Giving (USB Charger NOT Included)

It is purely homemade made up of pure bamboo wood. It’s a multiple device organizer with a large number of USB ports for charging. The magnetic base design present makes this desk more convenient for users. This desk is highly suitable for a user who wants their electronics to be organized at the same place while on charging

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15. Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser Storage Organizer Drawer Retro Brown

Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser with Storage Organizer Drawers Bamboo,Retro Brown

This monitor improves your posture and raises a screen suitable for eye-level sight, protecting users from neck pain. It has several cubbies, a cup holder, two drawers for utility compilation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For A Wooden Desk Organizer?

A. It is essential to know what kind of wood is used for the organizer you selected. Here is a heads up guide that will help you find out the best wood material while purchasing.

The following types of wood are ideal for a wooden desk organizer: Cherry wood, Elm, Maple, Cedar, Rosewood, Ashwood, Quarter Walnut wood, and Black Walnut wood. While purchasing your chosen organizer, be sure to inquire whether the product is made these types of wood. Though these wood types are slightly expensive, a cheaper alternative is also present for desks such as MDF, MDO, Plywood, and Particleboard that are comparatively budget-friendly, easy on the pockets, and even an excellent option for making a desk organizer.

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Wooden Organizer?

A. Yes, if you need an organizer and want to save some money then making it your own is your best shot. Statistically speaking, while comparing a DIY wooden desk organizer or furniture to a ready-made one from the stores, it’s not wrong to say that it will be 99% cheaper than them.

Building an organizer at home is a free woodworking plans desk organizer as compared to stores. In this way, it is easy to construct a cheap desk organizer set. It’s up to you, whether you want a ready-made organizer from stores at a low price or build your own with a design suited to your needs.

How Do You Make A Wooden Desk Organizer? 

  • It is easy to make a DIY desk organizer from these ideas. The first thing you need is a sharp blade. Some good quality wood. And a measuring tape. First of all, measure the wood according to your requirement; length and width measurement should differ.
  • Make pilot holes in it with a drill machine.
  • Once done, attach all the base and sideboards using nails.
  • Attach pencil holder boards.
  • Bind all the insert pieces and front pieces also.
  • Paint it with attractive colours.
  • DIY wooden nameplates can be easily constructed at home and attached where suitable.

How Can I Protect My Wooden Organizer?

A. Plastic wrapping sheets, blankets, and similar pieces of cloth covers can help you protect your organizer. Finding a sheet from the market will not be a problem as they are readily and widely available.

Another tip for protecting your furniture from dust and moisture is to avoid wrapping it with a thick plastic sheet. By doing this will seal moisture that can create condensation resulting in furniture swelling.

How Can You Make A Wooden Desk Organizer With Drawers?

A. The following steps are followed to make a desk organizer with drawers:

  • First, take the measurement for four pieces, two pieces should be large, and the sides pieces should be small.
  • Size should be according to the space that an organizer occupies. It should be adjustable enough that it can quickly move in a forward and backward direction.
  • Start cutting this measured wood. After cutting, it will be a four pieces desk organizer’s drawer set.
  • Makes holes in it with a drilling machine and bind all the pieces.
  • Similarly, DIY desk organizer cardboard can also be formed by a box cutter. Bind all its fragments with the use of high-quality glue.
  • Wooden desk tables can be easily made by following the same method.

Cute Desk Organizer Ideas

Cute desk organizers can be made by creative ideas at home and also can be bought from amazon.

Holder- Quality wooden Cute Design Pen and Pencil Cup and Sorter

Spinning Desktop Organizer – White 4 Compartment Rotating Mail and Stationary Holder – Quality Wooden Design – Pen and Pencil Cup and Sorter – by Designstyles

This cute white cup shape with four cute desk organizer set compartments keeps all the office essentials stored in one place. It has a spinning tray that helps you search for anything with ease. All you have to do is rotate it, and the pen or pencil you need will be within your reach. This classic design gives it a more versatile look.

This woodworking desk organizer is an excellent option for kids and adults. It is available in a fascinating white colour. It is durable, long-lasting, and can hold various accessories such as scissors, note pads, remote control, tiny bedroom, or kitchen utensils.

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Tips for Dollar Tree Organizers:

  • Clean your dollar tree store surface with a wipe.
  • Clean all of your unnecessary pencil sharpenings or stationary mess.
  • Keep all of your files in one compartment.
  • Similarly, keep everything organized by arranging the same things in one container.


In this article, I have discussed the wooden desks in correspondence to the best wooden desk organizer each with detail, including the number of compartments, holders, trays, etc. The Amazon purchasing link is also mentioned after each wooden desk so that you can smoothly go directly to the link and buy it if you are willing to.

Some organizers are specially designed for men’s accessories, some of which for computers or laptops, stands having a keyboard tray, and some used for home accessories.

Rustic desk organizers are also available on Amazon that is immensely impressive. There is a detailed discussion about the DIY desk organizer’s ideas and projects in the last FAQs portion.

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