21 Small DIY Woodworking Projects Ideas for Gifts You Can Make from Wood

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A gift is more personable when it is handmade. You can make a beautiful gift for someone and it would be much more special from something as simple as wood. So, if you have a piece of wood lying somewhere around in the house, don’t let it go to waste.

There are so many simple gifts you can make from wood. Here are some easy wood projects you can make at home.

Small DIY Woodworking Projects Ideas for Gifts – Wooden Gift Ideas

1. End Grain Coasters

End Grain Coasters

Image source; Live Buy Local

To make this coaster, you need layers of wood. Glue the series together with the same thickness, then flatten them by running them through a planer. Stack the rows together to make a block. Spread glue on them and clamp them together. After that, flatten one side on a jointer, then crosscut the block to get the perfect shape.

2. Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder

Image source; Etsy

Get a piece of wood and sand it down, draw a grid that will be the place where you will put the pencils in. Use a correct size drill hole to drill holes into the wood that you put the pencils in. Once drilled, sand the top of the block. You can now paint and decorate it however you want.

3. Industrial Bookends

Industrial bookends

Image source; Etsy

Cut the wood piece into 1×6 pieces. Sand them down. Apply wood glue to the face of one of the blocks and glue the two pieces together. You can end the process here and design them. You can also continue to customize the block how you want.

4. Porch Swing

Porch Swing

Image source; Walmart

If you are looking for DIY wood gifts for mom, then a wooden porch swing is one you can easily make. This swing costs less to make than buying one. Be careful when stringing it up and make sure it can handle the weight. This is a beautiful gift that you can give to your mother.

5. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Image source; Décor Ideas

If you are looking for simple gifts you can make from wood, whether for yourself or someone else, then a shoe rack can be the one. All you have to do is take three or more pieces of wood. Use two of them vertically to act as the stand. Connect the other pieces as the horizontal sides using nails or wood glue and you are done.

6. Laptop Holder

Laptop Holder

Image source; Pretty Handy Girl

Simple gifts you can make from wood are more touching than ones you can buy. If you want to make DIY wood gifts for her, a laptop stand is one of the best you can make for her. There are many laptop stands you can make, you can get instructions for a simple design here.

7. Wood Signs

Wood Signs

Image source; Youtube

Wood signs are unique woodworking gifts. DIY wood gifts for him would feel all the more special if you design them according to things they like. All you need is a sanded block of wood that you can paint on your own.

8. Wooden Wearables

Wooden Wearables

Image source; Etsy

Wooden earrings and necklaces can be good. These wooden wearables can also be a good mother’s day wood gift. They look and feel extra special for the special people in your life.

9. Wood Trivet

Wood Trivet

Image source; Target

Making a wooden trivet is a good investment and will earn you the envy of your friends. Use these to make your kitchen or dining room look rustic.

10. Wooden Spatula

Wooden Spatula

Image source; Amazon

Why buy expensive wooden spatulas online when you can make one easily at home. Making spatulas are good woodcrafting ideas that occupy your time and brighten your kitchen.

11. Woodworking Advent Calendar

Woodworking Advent Calendar

Image source; Instructables

Christmas season is around, you are looking for handmade wooden ideas so why not make a woodworking advent calendar. It is going to help you keep track of the Christmas calendar.

12. Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

Image source; Pinterest

There’s no reason for the kids to miss out on anything. One of the best woodworking gift ideas for kids can be making a DIY candy dispenser cardboard easy. This can ensure they both have fun and have candy.

13. Wooden Gift Box

Wooden Gift Box

Image source; AfriArtisan

A woodworking gift box is also something else you can make, or gift to someone. It is a simple box with simple making instructions. You can use the box for storing things so not only is it beautiful but it is also functional.

14. Wooden Bench

Wooden Bench

Image source; Garden Season

One of the simple woodworking projects you can undertake is making a wooden bench. You can put it outside on the patio or out on the garden. You can even make several of these benches and have them as your furniture. The wooden detail will add flair to your house.

15. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Image source; DIYS

Salt and pepper shakers don’t always have to be made out of plastic or metal. Go the extra mile and make scrap wood projects fun and beautiful. You can make the shakers in any shape you like and paint them, you can easily customize them and spruce up your kitchen.

16. Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

Image source; Recess With Ashley

Here is also one of the wooden gifts to make with scrap wood, a paper towel holder. It can also be used for holding toilet paper. It is easy to make, and like most personalized gifts, you can customize it. You can make them in any shape you want and they are great woodworking gifts for dad.

17. Ring Box

Ring Box

Image source; Shenzhen Honhe Industry Co., Ltd

One of the best woodworking gift ideas to make is a ring box. The box can be special woodworking graduation gifts. Put it on your list of wooden craft gift ideas and surprise your girlfriend on her graduation, or use it to store an engagement ring. These ring boxes are beautiful handmade wood gifts for any occasion.

18. Drinks Bottle Holder

Drinks Bottle Holder

Image source; The Spruce Crafts

You can make handmade wood projects fun if you are a wine afficionado. They are simple to make and are functional. You can make these holders good personalized wood gifts for him. Anyone who gets it will be grateful.

19. Knife Holder

Knife Holder

Image source; Core 77

Other woodworking projects for girlfriend be making knife holders. You will need block of wood. Just cut slits into the block of wood where you will place the knives. Remember to sand and shape the block according to your specifications.

20. Wooden Lantern

Wooden Lantern

Image source; Rust-Oleum

On the ideas of personalized wood gifts for him, making a lantern should be at the top. These lanterns look rustic and can make his house look manly. Ladies, do not be discouraged, these lanterns can be for you too. They can spice up any room you want to use them in, and they are absolutely beautiful.

21. Wooden Mirror

Wooden Mirror

Image source; Happy Beds

And last, but definitely not least, is making a wooden mirror. This mirror frame is beautiful. It adds flair to your house. This mirror is easy to make. It can be a great DIY wooden wedding gift to help a new couple move into their new home.

What You Will Need

Most of these wooden craft gifts don’t need a lot of things. You can use everyday items in your wood workshop to make these beautiful gifts. Most of these gifts will need;

  • Wood, of course. Wood is what you are basing all these gifts on. You might need different types of wood and for different sizes for making different ideas. Wood is the staple item in all these gifts.
  • Wood glue. Wood glue is a strong adhesive that you will use to piece these items together. You have to make sure that the glue is strong and you apply it well so it doesn’t come off after a while.
  • Apart from the wood adhesive, you can use screws to fasten the different wood pieces together. There are different sized screws that you can use, but it will depend on the project you are undertaking. Make sure you get the right size of the screw.
  • Having sandpaper is necessary. It is what you are going to use to smoothen the wood pieces. It removes any kinks in your pieces to ensure you get a smooth finish.
  • Now a saw can be of any type, crosscut, miter, or many others. The saw is what you will use to cut the different sizes of pieces. You should make sure you have the correct saw for the type of cut you want to make.


Well then, what more is there to say. There are so many wooden craft gifts you can make. Handmade gifts are unique and so special. You can put all the love you have into these gifts and that makes them all the more special.

These 21 are just some of the ideas you can consider whenever you want to gift anyone anything. They are good for both men and women. So go ahead and make these woodworking gifts and gift them to the people you love.

Put all your love into them and they will be the best gifts you could ever give.

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