How to Make a Simple DIY Wooden Picture Frame Out of Wood Trim

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Are you thinking about how to make a wooden picture frame? You are on the page! With thousands of decorative basic picture frames in the market, we will help you improve your skills. You can choose to work on your art piece in the comfort of your house.

Making a simple DIY wooden picture frame is pretty straightforward. In this guide, we provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you bring out the best picture frame. It also consists of ways on how to paint the item to make it attractive. Check these DIY wood picture frame ideas.

How to Make a Simple DIY Wooden Picture Frame Out of Wood Trim

Step by Step Guide On How to Make a Wooden Picture Frame

Making a wooden picture frame is not complicated. If you follow the right instructions, then you can know how to make a simple picture frame easily. Here is how you can make a DIY picture frame gift.

Gather All the Necessary Tools

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It is essential to consider the right tools to make a picture frame. Therefore, ensure you gather all the required equipment to will facilitate the process. Here is a list of some of the crucial tools you need to gather.

  • A double-sided tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • A wood trim of particular measurements depending with the size of your picture frame
  • Paintbrush
  • Wire, string or twine
  • Pocket knife or scissors
  • Paint (you can consider any paint that suits your preferences)
  • Wood piece material (you can use both thin and thick)
  • Braces and screws
  • Picture hanging kit
  • Apiece of decorative molding

Take Measurements

Taking measurements is one of the creative picture frame ideas that give you excellent results. Besides, you need to ensure you are working on the right picture frame size.

Therefore, ensure you come up with correct measurements. It is also a necessary step to determines your end product.

Once you are done taking measurements, you can double-check them then round it off to a quarter an inch. Add a quarter of an inch to create more. Taking measurements helps to avoid making a wrong cut on the material.

It also helps you work with accuracy and confidence. Once you are done taking measurements, glue the items as you make preparations to cut it.

Cut The Wooden Piece

Since you are using wood material, you should be careful when making cuts in the material. Additionally, you got correct measurements to enhance the making of fine cuts.

When cutting, use a saw and make an inward cut at a 45 degrees angle. Use equal and rounded up measurements to make cuts on the inside of the material.

The outside of the material should look longer than the inside. We would recommend you to take time and work with each side at a time. For instance, work on the top and bottom then move to the sides.

It is vital to match the top and the bottom perfectly. Moreover, the sides of the piece of material should be equal.

Work On a Decorative Molding

You need to be careful with picture frame trim molding. Use 2-3 pieces of the decorative molding and cut at an inward angle of about 45 degrees. The ends of the mold should always match with the wood piece.

You can line up the decorative mold with the cut of your wood piece to ensure they are perfect. The decorative piece can overhang on the base material.

It gives the frame a narrow surface to hide the gap between your frame and the wood’s width. Use the measuring tape to correct the excess cuts if the two do not fit properly.

Work On the Smaller Decorative Mold

Use a similar process with the one you did with the more significant decorative mold. Start by cutting one side of the piece of wood inwardly at 45 degrees. Line the decorative mold with the baseboard and ensure it’s straight. It should fit well on all sides of the baseboard.

Moreover, it does not matter where you decide to place the decorative piece. Use any place that makes you feel a piece looks beautiful. Just ensure it’s straight along with the wooden cut piece.

Using a similar method, cut the other side of the decorative mold. The crucial factor to consider is all the pieces are straight along the baseboard before you cut.

Glue The Pieces

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Making a picture frame with molding consists of various ways of holding together the pieces. First, you can consider using a hammer to put together the cut pieces. On the other hand, wood glue works miracles! Use a sizeable amount of wood glue and brush it on the pieces.

If the pieces were cut correctly, they stick together quickly and do not come out. When everything is in check, then clump down the piece and let it dry for hours.

Repeat the same procedure of gluing with the other sides. If you notice the picture frame width and length are not the same, mark the parts to notice when you attach them.

Even The Art Piece

At this juncture, you probably will notice some minor errors. Also, sand down the piece and work on both the decorative mold and the wood piece. Be careful not to mess with any measurement as it will damage the whole picture frame making process.

Put Together the Frame

When all the parts are dry and sanded, you no need to lay put the baseboard and its decorative molds. Place the frame upside down and make sure that each corner lines up correctly. Lift the corners with glue and glue each angle of the frame.

The edges should line up well when you are gluing to prevent wrong moves. You also need to paint the corner gaps with wood glue to fil in unnecessary gaps.

Once the glue dries, put together the corner braces. Use the raised part on the back, which will give you a thick picture frame molding.

Seal The Corners

In most cases, the corners will need some finishing, not make them look beautiful. Even if you were 100 % perfect with the measurements, you still need to finalize on the corners.

Caulk works well in making corners look fantastic. However, you should be aware of how to apply the caulk without spilling it on the frame.

Use your finger and apply a small caulk on the corners and any gap you notice. If you encounter usage pf excess caulk, then wipe it carefully with a wet towel or paper.

Besides, you will have to repeat this a couple of times to fill in all the gaps.

Apply Paint

We are almost there! Applying paint is the most natural part of the process. After the caulk is dry, use a soft brush and apply paint on the picture frame. Note; you can use any paint color to suit your preferences.

First, start by applying a base coat, which creates a base for your paint. Give it some time to dry then move on to the next step. It is essential to apply the paint in portions.

You can start on the side as you move to the other side. After applying paint, place the frame in a place and let it dry.

Remove Excess Paint and Aging

Once the piece is dry, you will find some excess paint you need to avoid. Before getting rid of excess paint, start with aging the frame. When it dries, use a fine sandpaper and grit to go over the frame’s edges lightly.

If you choose to be rough, you might end up damaging the paint. Also, get rid of the excess paint to make the frame look clean and beautiful.

Aging helps to bring out the color and remove black undertones. Consider this step to finalize on painted picture frames.

Fix Hanging Materials

Finally, the frame is ready, but you also need to attach hanging materials. The material will help keep the frame stable when you hang it. Before you settle on any material, ensure it can perfectly support the picture frame’s weight.

Place the hanging material behind the frame. Choose a color that perfectly matches the paint you used. After this step, your picture frame is now ready for use.

You can choose to hang it anywhere in your house or office. However, check if the place you choose to hang the frame is secure to prevent risks of damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Is The Best Wood To Make A Picture Frame?

Answer: Understanding the best wood to make a picture frame is a plus to achieving the best results. There are various wood materials to serve a similar purpose.

However, getting the perfect one might be a challenge for most people. Depending on your skills, you can choose the best.

If you are a beginner, it’s right to begin using pine and poplar woods. It is because they are cheap and easy to workaround. One should consider a wood material right for them in terms of budget, experience, and preference.

Q: How To Cut Quarter Round For Picture Frame?

Answer: Quarter rounds are a beautiful touch of finish used ion most picture frames. The pieces of wood are thin and easy to cut if you use a miter saw. With care, you can easily cut quarter rounds for various frames.

First, you need to wear protective gloves and select the pieces you want to use. Then arrange them against a wall and mark the places you want to cut. Know the angle you would want to use and cut easily using a miter saw, or hand saw.

Q: How Do You Make A Wooden Frame Stronger?

Answer: There are various ways to make the wood more durable. Since wood might not be a stringer material, you can add laminated beams to the picture frame to glue the parts together. You can also screw together the parts to enhance the stiffness and strength to the material.

Also, consider using panelized construction of the frames. It helps to ensure the parts of the frame do not come out quickly. Woodworking projects need to be secure, and you can choose to use any method that satisfies this need.

Q: How Do You Strengthen A Large Picture Frame?

Answer: You can quickly strengthen a large picture frame by picking two pieces of wood to create a rabbet and then cut the eight pieces that make the edges of the frame. If you are using a miter joint, then cut them at a 45 degrees angle.

Sand the parts and glue the set together. Apply the glue equally and use clamps on the whole part of the frame is correctly held together. Paint the piece of wood.

Then flat angled metal bracelet to join the edges of the frame. Ensure you glue it first before you drill holes into the material.

Q: What Are The Standard Sizes Of Frames?

Answer: We have got lots of standard sizes of frames that can apply. Depending on the size that you prefer, you will always find something for yourself.

The sizes are used over ally and can cover all types of photograph sizes, print, and most common sizes of pictures you might encounter.

The sizes consist of 5*7, 8*10,8.5*11,11*14,16*20, and 24*36.24*36 is the largest size you can find in the market. Besides, all these sizes can perfectly cater to any size of a photograph.


It’s simple to make a picture frame from wood material. The above steps on how to make a wooden picture frame are straightforward to help you come out with the best.

The ball is now in your hands! You can make your home look fantastic with handmade photo frame ideas. Besides, making your picture frames helps you satisfy your needs.

With lots of handmade photo frame ideas, it might look challenging. However, most of the steps are similar and straightforward. The budget is also too low and requires accessible tools.

The steps might take time, but it’s worth it. Normalize making your picture frame and watch it become a habit.

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