7 Best Screw Gun for Drywall – Corded and Cordless Best Drywall Screw Guns of 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Using drywalls as housing material is quite popular due to its multiple benefits. But hanging one up can be an arduous process to go through. That’s why you need the best screw gun for drywalls works.

If you use the wrong tools when working with drywall, you risk damaging the material. Also, the drywall may stick out or get loose if the fasteners don’t reach the required depth. Hence, the need for you to use a drywall screw gun.

Now, are there too many drywall screw gun tips to keep up with?

Or not sure of the drywall screw gun reviews you’ve seen?

Then, rest easy. In this article, we’ll show all that’s necessary to find the best drywall screw gun.

Best Screw Gun for Drywalls

5 Best Screw Gun for Drywalls Comparision – Corded and Cordless Best Drywall Screw Gun Reviews 2022

Screw Gun vs. Drill Driver

A screw gun is a specialist fastening tool that looks like a drill. But, do not confuse it with the regular drill drivers since the tools appear to perform the same jobs.

Screw guns are designed to install light materials like drywall and plywood by fastening screws. The advantage of a screw gun is its higher speed and accuracy of screwing depth. However, its uses are limited compared to a drill.

A drill, on the other hand, is more versatile and easy to master. The typical use of drills is to make a hole, although you can adapt yours to fasten screws.

To better understand the drywall screw gun vs. drill debate, check out what Gambrick has to say on this subject and more.

Checklist for Choosing the Best Screw Guns for Drywalls

It’s not enough for you to decide to get a good screw gun. You need to get the best screw guns for drywall works, whether you’re fixing or repairing them.

Before we go into the drywall gun reviews, you need to know some necessary things regarding drywall screw guns. And there’s quite a lot to consider.


Like other electric tools, drywall screw guns are of two types; corded and cordless. Deciding to pick one type over the other is dependent on multiple factors.

These include the nature of your work and whether you need a constant power supply at your station. Let’s explain the differences further.

A drywall screw gun corded version comes with an attached power supply cord. It implies that you must have a reliable power connection to use the tool properly.

As the corded screw gun connects to a power source, the device transmits more power compared to the cordless version.

One common issue that you’ll likely experience with a corded drywall screw gun is with the long wire system. As a result, you’ll typically have a reduced range of motion while working.

On the other hand, electric cordless screw guns lack any external wiring. Instead, a lithium-ion battery is the source of power, and this requires the occasional charge.


Another thing you should note is the motor type of your preferred tool. A motor powers the gun’s rotating segment, and the motor type determine the gun’s efficiency.

Nowadays, your screw gun may feature a brushless motor that ensures a higher working efficiency when compared to its predecessors.

A significant positive of a brushless motor is that you don’t have to keep replacing the brushes after constant use.


The weight of the drywall screw gun is also an essential factor.

It is necessary since the tool will operate for long periods. Therefore, always consider lightweight models, as such guarantee ease of use and greater comfort.

Auto Feed Feature

There is an auto-feed feature for drywall screw guns.

It allows you to store all the required screws in the drywall screw gun magazine. So, the screws automatically attach to the gun’s head as you work. With that, you save quite a lot of time.

Lastly, consider whether there are any extra features included in the product. Manufacturers usually add some useful additional drywall screw gun features that significantly increase the value of their tool. An outstanding example of such a feature is a LED light.

Now, you know what to look for in the best screw guns for drywall works.

So, what is the best drywall screw gun to use? Let’s look at the following options.

7 Best Screw Gun for Drywalls – The Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun – Reviews and Buying Guide

1. DEWALT 20V MAX VR Drywall Screw Gun (DCF620B)

This DEWALT drywall screw gun tool-only screw gun is a solution for fixing drywall.

It makes use of an efficient battery as a screw gun will need. In addition, the DEWALT-built brushless motor guarantees you efficient performance and adequate runtime.

With this cordless screw gun, you get more incredible speed compared to the DW272 corded screw gun. Why? Its drill runs about 4,400 rounds per minute (RPM).

The nose cone can be removed easily and accepts three differing screw depth adjustments. In addition, the tool is compatible with the drywall screw gun DCF620 collated magazine attachment.

You should use this drywall screw attachment for faster screw driving with this screw gun.

In case you are working in a dark area or need to increase visibility, there’s an included LED light feature.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Screw Gun (DCF622M2) – Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver

The DEWALT 20V Screw gun has a Versa-Clutch system and a brushless motor. The motor has a capacity of about 2,000 RPM at a consistent speed.

Meaning your tool delivers the torque needed for heavier duty fastening applications. Also, this feature helps to prevent damaging the drywall material and fasteners. In addition, it’s also ideal for heavier duty operations such as metal fastening.

Essentially, this DEWALT XR brushless drywall screw gun provides you with high efficiency and increased runtime. If you are looking for a drywall screw gun this best drywall screw gun available for meeting your best needs.

3. Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 FUEL Drywalll Screw Gun

The M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun is a battery-powered screw gun. Its battery pack allows you to work with up to 27 – 64 sheets for every full charge. Also, the included POWERSTATE Brushless motor spins at 4,500 RPM, guaranteeing productivity at a faster pace.

As a result of REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, the M18’s Auto Start feature starts the motor when the screw meets the drywall. Meaning you get less noise between screws and up to three times run time than average.

The Milwaukee drywall screw gun kit also includes Belt Clip for added convenience and a PR2 Bit.

In addition, this drywall screw gun comes with LED lighting and is compatible with all M18 batteries. The M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Driver Gun has the right balance and weight and is easy to use.

4. DEWALT Variable Speed Reversible Drywall Screw Gun (DW276)

The DW276 is an all-purpose screw gun that is lightweight for increased endurance. With its two-finger trigger, you can easily control the tool’s operation better while remaining comfortable.

In addition, a depth-sensitive nosepiece allows you to fasten screws at a consistent depth.

Heat-treated gears and helical-cut steel for long life and durability are other features of the DW276. Due to its high torque, you can also use this tool for deck building and framing heavy gauge steel studs.

The DEWALT drywall comes in a metal gear housing that ensures Jobsite durability and increased tool reliability.

5. DEWALT Versa Clutch Drywall Screw Gun (DW267)

DEWALT’s DW267 Screw Gun is typical of helical-cut steel and heat-treated steel gears. The gears ensure your tool is durable and has a long-lasting working life.

In addition, the rubber grip design and two-finger trigger provide more control, increased control, and ease of use.

This screw gun’s 6.5 Amp 2,000 RPM motor is high-powered, so you can also apply it in fastening metallic materials.

The Versa-Clutch torque adjustment system dials in the appropriate torque, ensuring efficient fastening without stripping or breaking the drywall.

6. DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun Collated Magazine Accessory (DCF6201)

The DCF6201 is a cordless drywall screw gun collated magazine accessory.

Its main features are:

  • A tool-less button 1″ – 2″ capacity
  • Screw length detent marks and screw drive depth gauge
  • Best collated screw gun strip guide
  • Magazine attachment release buttons.

The release buttons allow for easy removal and clean-up of the tool. With its depth gauge, you can perform precise screw driving operations.

7. BOSCH MA55 Auto Feed Attachment for Screw Guns

The MA55 Screw gun has an auto-feed attachment which enhances the efficiency of Bosch drywall screw guns.

You can drive screws with high precision using this screw gun. In addition, its design prevents the trapping of dust.

The MA55 is suitable with distributed strips of screws with lengths between 1 Inch & 2-1/8 Inches.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Drywall Screw Gun

Q. How Does A Drywall Screw Gun Work?

A. What a screw gun does is set the bugle heads of screws just below the drywall’s paper surface. In this JLC article, you’ll learn everything about how a drywall screw gun works.

Q. How Far Apart To Install Drywall Screws

A. It depends on a few factors, such as the thickness of the drywall and the type of screw you’re using. In general, though, most experts recommend spacing the screws about 8 to 12 inches apart for drywall installation.

Q. What Is The Best Bit for Drywall Screws?

A. A number 2 bit is the best when getting drywall screw gun screws.

Q. Do You Need A Drill for Drywall Screws?

A. Yes. You’ll need a drill, especially with an adjustable clutch.

Q. Can You Use Impact Drill for Drywall?

A. Yes, though it is not advisable to do so.

Since an impact drill produces a high force for working with highly resistant material, it can damage the drywall material.

Q. What Makes A Drywall Screw Gun Better? 

A. It allows you to set the exact depth to drive a screw while working very quickly.

Q. Can You Use A Regular Screw Gun for Drywall?

A. Yes. You can use a regular screw gun to hang the drywall.


Are drywall screw guns worth it? Of course. With the best drywall screw gun, you can hang your drywall faster and more effectively.

Professionals and regular DIYers report the truth of this while using a drywall screw gun. So, now’s the time to retire your screwdriver set.

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