What Are Band Saws Used For and The Different Types Of Band Saws

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No doubt, the saw is the oldest tool in history that has changed the lifestyle of ancient people. Probably they leave the cave and make wood and stone houses for themselves. But the modern idea saw was a credit to William Newberry in 1809.

Perhaps these evolutional concepts can be actual, but the real fonder of the contemporary electric and durable saw is Perin & Company of Paris. Although, this step has taken almost 40 years to become an extraordinary cutting machine.

Then time moves with the various changes in its shape, speed, and structure. Now, this is called band saw as an extra fast cutting machine.

What Are Band Saws Used For

The modern band saw has a two-wheel with toothed blades that are too fast and extra fine cutting. These are suitable for heavy cutting in woodworks, lumbering, and metals.

What Are Band Saws Used For and The Different Types Of Band Saws

Even if you want to cut the wood and metal with the band saw, it works more smoothly and is dust-free but complete power cutting.  It is a hefty tool but moveable.

At the same time, one person handling the operation is possible. It can be cut in a straight and cut in a curve, zig-zag, and circle shape.

Its long lengthy blades crop vertical band saws and horizontal band saws for wooden or metallic pieces.

The Band Saw Structure and Its Workload

So various band saw types have multiple shapes and sizes according to their use. Interestingly, all bands saw work in the same format, but some of its features can be changed.

For example, a common bandsaw has one tight iron steel frame, which bears all burdens. However, some other parts and its function are mentioned below.

  • Wood band saw blades are like the ribbon that moves around the two wheels. A switch button and speedometer control these toothed blades. You can adjust the height and length of fatal blades with a rapid tension lever.
  • The band saw operation is incomplete with the two wheels attached to the motor. These wheels move in one penal to the best result. The lower wheel is to force the blades to woodcut. In comparison, the upper wheel is the too supportive distributor of its belt loads.
  • Another basic part of the band saw is necessary for multi-cut. Yes, every band saw needs a tilting table. A small table lever is fixed under the table to adjust the tilt.
  •  An electric motor and line shift is the door loser of all machines. This motor gives power to the role in the wheel and blades.
  • One thing that inspired me, it has a dust port for clean cutting.

Types of Band Saws and It’s Uses

As we have mentioned here, the band saw is a very effective tool for all types of toughest material. It is less hard to use in the shaping of all kinds of metal content.

Furthermore, we can say according to use and demand, it is available in various kinds like the shape of the blade for multi-cut, the number of wheels, and size as maintenance to business.

In the market, many bandsaws are ready for sale. But here is a short space where we can describe the types. Here is two distinctive way to categorize it.

  1. Based on purpose
  2. Based on shapes

The most common distinctive way is based on purpose.

Metal Band Saws

The metal band saw are available in two shapes; vertical and horizontal. These bands can easily cut a small piece of hard metal.

Moreover, the speed of the blade is slow to cut in shapes. This product is suitable for small businesses or domestic use.

Meat Band Saw

If you have seen and meat founder then you will see it product in his basement or shop. Furthermore, you can see a meat band saw at your Butcher shop.

They use it for cutting fleshes and bones of all spacious of meat. Some meat band saws have the additional feature of mince chopper or grinder. Its blades are too sharp to cut the hard bone of lamb.

Wood Band Saws

In the wooden category, wood band saw has to type for the different use as named:

  • Double cut
  • Resaw

Double Cut Band Saws

As the showing double-cut blade wooden band saw mostly used for big business and industrial use.

Its blade has double sides tooth very enough for vast lumbers. However, this type of bandsaw can use for material and plastic.

Resaw Band Saw

Comparatively, a less but one side balded bandsaw is ideal for large pieces of wood to small pieces.

This tool is adjustable in the house’s basement. Its silver steel large teeth blade is set for hardwood like oak and cherry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although, printed guidelines keep inside the products for the safety of the product and consumer.

When the consumer wants to purchase the product, they have a lot of questions in his mind.

We believe all questions should be clear. So we have gathered some familiar FAQS  about the bandsaw.

Q. Why We Need Gloves In Using Of Bandsaw?

A. Don’t use the band saw without any guidelines and always use safety gloves. Wearing gloves during work is essential because your hand can be slipped on the grip and an accident can happen at any time.

So glove can save your hand from the sharpness of blades.

Q. What Should Do You Do If You’re Using A Bandsaw The First Time?

A. If you are using any type of bandsaws the first time, you need to get all knowledge about the bandsaw it working part, and its capability.

Don’t forget to adopt safety matters. Stay secure in your work.

Q. If My Blades Have Broken, Can I Change Them?

A. All consumer has one question if the blade belt has broken then what happens. It’s leaving them worried if I have new blades same as the original old one in shape, size, and teethes.

Expert has quite answered about it that they can easily buy same other new blades without any difference.

Q. Is It An Expensive Product To Buy?

A. Of course not, this product is not too expensive to buy. All types of band saw have multi prices according to size, features, and working load.

The client has the option to buy their demanded bandsaw from 500$ to 1000$.

Final Thoughts

While searching via markets, you can find various types of band saw and, I remanded to buy the band saw according to demand and capacity. If meat lover, your choice should be meat grinder band saws.

If you want to work on any metal and plastic then a metal bandsaw is the ideal choice. Then the third one is a wooden bandsaw.  Now it is up to you which band saw is suitable for your workload.

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