How to Cut Plexiglass with a Circular Saw – Expert DIY Guide

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Would you like to know how to cut Plexiglass with a circular saw, and you lack the steps? Stress no more. Here I will teach you the necessary steps to follow when carrying out the process. A Plexiglass is a type of glass used in making television screens, glass tables, and even greenhouses. 

It is easy to work with compared to the kinds of glasses. There are different tools to cut it. It includes glass cutters, a knife, jigsaws, circular saws, among others. It depends on the shape and thickness you desire. To come up with straight cuts, use a circular saw as it’s the best tool to cut a Plexiglass.

How to Cut Plexiglas with A Circular Saw

Requirements For The Process On How To Cut Plexiglass With A Circular Saw

how to use a circular saw

Before you carry out any process, ensure that you have all the essential tools. It will save you time and energy. Plan on all the tools you need for the experiment.

Choose the appropriate tools. If you plan on them well, you will not move from one place to another in search of weapons.

Movements cause fatigue. Also, a planned experiment leads to better results. It is even better to make a plan on the eve of the trial as this will enable you to purchase any tools that are missing.

Be sure of the time of the experiment and where it will take place.

It is not that easy for you to decide on the best tools. Right tools always lead to better results.

Choose a circular saw with the best circular saw blade. A dimmer is also an essential requirement. It controls the speed at which the blade cuts the glass.

When you cut the glass, maintain a low rate. It prevents friction, which produces heat, causing the glass to melt.

Collect all the required protective equipment that you will use, a piece of wood that is straight, Plexiglass, clamps, and sticky tape. The sticky tape is optional.

Test For The Tools

Test all the tools to ensure that they are in the right working conditions. It will save on your time and energy. It also prevents the breakdown of the devices when working.

Repair all the broken tools to reduce accidents. If the instrument is beyond repair, get a new tool to replace it. Sharpen all the tools used to cut.

A circular saw blade sharpener works to sharpen circular saw blades. Blunt instruments do not bring about precise cuts. Replace blades of tools with replaceable blades. Be aware of how sharp your device is.

Good results are brought about by the use of tools that are in proper condition. Injuries also reduce when works with instruments that are in a suitable condition.

Proper Lighting Of The Room

A well-lit room reduces fatigue. It also reduces eyestrain. It is very dangerous to work in a dark room as you may knock yourself into the machines. Use lights such as the headlights as they don’t involve the use of your hands.

You can also use a room with transparent roofs as they allow natural light to flow in the place. Make sure that the source of light you use provides enough light all over the room.

Use A Room With Proper Ventilation


The use of a poorly ventilated place can lead to illness or even injuries. A place that has adequate ventilation allows fresh air to come and old air to get out. It also helps to regulate the humidity.

Too much moisture in an area causes the growth of molds, which leads to various illnesses.

Most people assume that the air inside their work environment is sufficient and clean. The air inside, such as dust and chemicals that you use.

It also regulates the temperature inside the room. The too hot temperature is not comfortable when working. It causes one to sweat.

There are varieties of ways you can use to create a well-ventilated room. Make sure that you open your windows to allow fresh air in.

Therefore, choose a place that has windows. Also, make sure that the room fits the air ducts. Frequently clean the air ducts to get rid of any substance that prevents fresh air.

It increases their ability to avoid air pollutants. Therefore, make sure you ventilate your room well as it helps you work in a more comfortable area.

Clear Your Working Surface

Get rid of any tool that is not necessary for an experiment. It will decongest your working area. Therefore you will have an easy time working on your project.

Children should stay away from your working place as they are at a high rate of sustaining injuries. Arrange all the tools in an orderly manner. It makes it easy for you to identify any device you need. It also creates a suitable environment for one to work.

Put On Your Protective Equipment


It protects one from health hazards. They also reduce the risks of one getting hurt by the machines. Put on a hard hat to protect your head from injuries.

Make sure you put on earplugs. When the glass is in procession, it makes a lot of noise.

This noise can lead to hearing loss, which at times may become permanent.  Wear your gloves to prevent your hands from injuries.

The injuries may include cuts by the circular saw. At times the glass may break and cause cuts. To prevent these health hazards, put on proper protective gear.

Type Of Blades Needed

Plexiglass requires a blade that does not overheat .this is because Plexiglass melts so quickly compared to the other glasses. For best results, choose a blade that is slow at producing heat.

Check On The Thickness Of Your Plexiglass Sheet

Identify the thickness of your sheet. Identifying will make it easy for you to choose the right type of blade. Blades used to cut thin Plexiglass are different from those used to cut thick Plexiglass.

For thick sheets, use blades whose tips are of carbide. These blades are durable and sharper than the others and therefore suitable for their work. For thin sheets, choose a sharp blade.

Consider The Procedure On How To Cut The Glass

When you are sure that everything is in order, but the Plexiglass on the table. Use a clamp to hold it as this makes it firm. Use a marker to mark the area that you should cut. For accurate results, use a ruler to draw a straight line on the field.

Repeat the process on the other side of the Plexiglass sheet. The part to that is to should be placed in a position that it hangs. Place the sticky tape on the line to be cut to hold the cut pieces together.

Put a piece of wood on the lines. The part of the wood should be very straight. Place the woods directly on your lines. It is similar to the procedure on how to make straight cuts with a circular saw.

Hold the wood and the sheet together using clamps as it holds them firm .therefore, and they do not move as the sheet is being cut. It enhances a good cut.

Check Out The Prevention Of The Cutting Line From Melting

It is similar to how to cut a Plexiglass without melting it. Make a coolant. Use liquid soap and water. Put a small amount of liquid soap dropwise in water .stir to mix them. When well mixed, put them in a bottle.

Apply it on the blade. It reduces friction between the blade and the sheet, thus reducing the amount of heat produced. Therefore, the sheet can be cut easily without melting. Through this, you obtain the right edges.

Importance Of The Protective Film

The Plexiglass has a layer of protective film. Some people opt to get rid of the protective film. It is because they do not know its benefits. Plexiglasses are very easy to get scratches.

The film protects the glass from scratches. However, make sure you get rid of the film after the process. it is not hard to remove it. Choose a corner on the sheet then peel it off. Do this after you finish the process.

Check Out The Rate At Which The Sheet Cuts

A Plexiglass cuts at a slow but steady speed. When cut at high speed, the sheet can melt as high speed produces more heat. However, speed should not be too slow. A prolonged speed produces more heat.

Cut at least four or three inches in a second. You should not exceed it. The edges will chip if you cut the glass at a breakneck speed. Therefore, to obtain a straight, smooth edge, maintain the same rate throughout the whole process.

The Sharpness Of The Blade

The blade should be sharped and it should not have any bent. If you notice a bent, sharpen it. you can also change the blade .get a new blade bent blade can lead to kickback. It occurs when the blade sticks on the glass and throws it backward.

Sometimes the saw itself moves backward. Nevertheless, one can prevent kickback.

Ways Of Preventing Kickback


Ensure that you handle the saw firmly. Make sure you manage the front and rear gear. In case a kickback occurs, release the finger on the saw trigger immediately.

Do not stand at the back of the saw .this prevents you from injuries if a kickback occurs because the saw moves directly backward.

Tighten the piece of sheet and wood together. Loose pieces of the sheet are at a high risk of kickbacks.

When cutting the Plexiglass, ensure that it lays flat on the surface. The surface should also be flat and smooth.

Also, check on your circular saw. Ensure that the blade is sharp and does not have bent teeth. The blade should not overheat.

Adjust the blade according to the thickness of the sheet. It should be half an inch beyond the thickness of the sheet. The blade should also be firmly attached to the rotating shaft of the saw. Check to ensure that the blade is firm.

Before cutting, make sure that the blade is not firm to the piece of sheet. Leave the saw to attain the speed you require before you cut anything.

When you notice something wrong, stop immediately. The saw should be straight to the lines. In case you go away from the line, start again.

How To Cut Two Or More Sheets At A Go

Did you know that it is possible to cut two sheets or even more at a time? Here is a procedure on how to do it. First, put all the pieces of the sheet to be cut together. Then fix them by use of clamps.

This procedure requires you to use a cooling agent. It produces a lot of heat as many materials go into the process of cutting. Follow the procedure to come up with excellent and accurate results.

Polish The Edges For A Good Look

Use 180 grit waterproof sandpaper. Rub it on the edges of the Plexiglass. Rub it until the edges become smooth. After it becomes soft, begin to buff. For buffing, fit the electric drill with a pad.

Apply a polishing compound on the edges. Then buff to obtain a good shine. When you buff, it boosts its appearance. It is essential to buff since you can get rid of the excess polish.


Plexiglass is a tool that is easy to work with and lasts long. it is strong compared to ordinary glass and is used to make different items. It is also light in weight and easy to work with.

However, there are several methods on how to cut plexiglass. The easiest way is the use of a circular saw as it also leads to a good outcome.

Circular saws are easy to understand and work with. Follow each step carefully to avoid injuries. Choose the best circular saw and avoid too much heat when you cut the glass.

Too much heat will make the glass melt. Choose circular saw blades according to the thickness of the sheet as it makes it easy for you to cut the glass.

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