How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar Length – Useful Tips and Guides

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What Is A Bar On A Blade And Its Length?

Chain saw bar is also known as a chain saw blade. It is one of the most important parts on a chainsaw. The bar is the part that cuts through the wood. The length of the bar must be measured for accurate results. It is also a way of maintaining the chainsaw.

Change chainsaw bars according to your desires. Make sure that the bar suits the task. It is a very simple task. The most important thing is that you must follow all the steps carefully to avoid accidents and unnecessary injuries. It also saves time and energy.

Here is a procedure on how to measure a chainsaw bar length.

How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar

Useful Tips and Guides on How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar Length

Oregon 584818 Chainsaw Guide Bar & Chain Combo, 20"

Identify A Room For The Task

Get a room for the task. Ensure that the room is in good condition and properly ventilated. It regulates the air. Proper ventilation prevents you from airborne diseases.

Poor ventilation may lead to diseases such as allergies, asthma. It allows fresh air to come in and gets rid of the old air. Open the windows and doors to allow air in the room.

In this case, all impurities are controlled. Temperature is also reduced. When you work in a room with very high temperatures, it becomes uncomfortable. It leads to fatigue too. Therefore use a proper ventilated room.

Keep Children And Pets Away

Children and pets should be kept far away from your working area. Children lack the knowledge to handle such tools. Children are at a very high risk of sustaining injuries. Devices such as chain saws are very dangerous. Pets can make you lose focus.

Sometimes pets are very annoying. Make sure that they are far away from your working area. It creates a good environment for you to work in. You are able to finish your project in good time. Also, you will obtain good results.

The device contains sharp blades which can cut when mishandled. The machines can lead to serious injuries or even death to prevent such circumstances, keep children and pets away.

Allow people with knowledge of the machines only in the room. Also, do not allow many people in the room to avoid congestion and distractions.

Use A Room With Proper Lighting

Machines such as chainsaws need enough light when in use. The machines have sharp objects that require sufficient light. In case of such cases, use a source of light that does not involve the use of hands as it diverts your attention.

You will be forced to concentrate on holding the light hence lose focus. It leads to poor results and injuries.

Poor lighting leads to mistakes. It is because you do not have a clear view of what you are handling. It also leads to both minor and serious injuries. Your project does not come out as expected.

You have to stain when there is poor light. The strains lead to quick fatigue. Nevertheless, there are various ways on how to control this issue.

How To Achieve Proper Lighting

There are various ways on how to achieve proper lighting. Natural sources of light such as the sun give out enough amounts of light.

The light is also bright. During the day, the sun produces light. The light is bright and enough. Ensure that you draw the curtains to allow in light.

You may also use a room with transparent roofs. The roofs allow in light. Headlights are the best to work with during the night.

The light you use must be bright and it should not cast shadows, torches, electric bulbs and lamps are good sources of light as well.

Safety Gear

Personal protective equipment are designed to protect one from injuries and dangerous obstacles. Safety gear is very important. You must put on the safety gear before any activity. It prevents you from serious injuries.

However, safety gear do not completely prevent you from accidents. One may sustain minor injuries.

Just be careful you’re your tools. There are various types of safety gear. All the equipment have different tasks. The safety gear is used for different purposes.

It protects small areas such as the head, mouth, ears, feet, hands. Prevention is better than cure.

Safety gear includes safety glasses which prevent foreign material from accessing your eyes. Head helmets prevent your head from injuries.

Earbuds protect your ears. Some machines make a lot of noise when in use.

The noise is dangerous as it can lead to hearing loss. Gloves prevent your hands. Machines such as chainsaws have sharp blades.

In case you have to change the blade, gloves are very essential. Face masks are also necessary. It prevents you from inhaling the poisonous chemicals.

Boots prevent your feet. In case you step on a sharp object, it does not hurt you.

Overalls prevent you from making your clothes dirty. Use safety gear appropriately.

Collect Equipment

Before you carry out any procedure, make sure you have all the required tools. Spend as much time as possible to come up with a plan of tools.

Plan on your tools some hours before the experiment. Purchase what you lack. It also saves time and energy as you will have all the essentials.

You will not be required to purchase anything when in the process. The better you plan the better the results. It ensures that you get the best tools.

For example, when handling chainsaw blades, you have to settle for the best chainsaw sharpener for the best professional chainsaw.

Have the appropriate equipment. It enhances good results. When working on your project, moving from one place to another in search of a tool leads to fatigue.

You also lose the focus and some people give up on their work.

Some decide to postpone the work. To prevent this, have the necessary equipment in an orderly manner.

Mark the tool to prevents injuries. Keep the sharp objects away from other tools. Keep away tools that are not important for the project to decongest your working area.

Then you will be good to go. Carry out your experiment happily.

Turn Off The Chainsaw

The chainsaw must be completely off to reduce the risk of accidents. Unplug the saw. When on, the chainsaw may begin to cut and cause a lot of destructions.

Also, you will not measure the bar easily as it will be in motion.

To be in a safe position put it off. Unplug it from the socket. Do this before moving on to any other step. This step is very important.

Identify The Cutting Length Of The Chainsaw Bar

Lay a tape measure or a ruler at the tip of the chain. Measure the area where the bar comes out of the body.

Effective Length

It is a length shorter than the actual length. It is very easy to take this measurement. It is also referred to as the cutting length. Identify the place where the bar emerges from the casing.

Place the tape measure where the bar comes from the casing.

Pull the tape measure slightly past the end of the bar. In case the chain is missing, estimate about a half further from the tip of the bar.

Here you will have the measurements of the cutting length. Note down the measurements so that you do not lose the information.

Round-Up To The Nearest Inch

Round off your results to the nearest inch. For example, if your results are 16-9/10, round it off so that you have 17 as your final result. Keep this measurement as it helps you purchase the best chain for your chain saw.

The measurements are also useful when calculating the overall length. Note them down so that in case you forget you can refer.

Overall Length

Remove the metal or plastic casing on the chain saw before you measure the length. It exposes the chainsaw bar hence makes it easy to measure the length of the bar. The overall length is the actual length of the bar itself.

It’s the length from one end to another. You have to remove the bolts holding the chainsaw cover. Use a socket driver to remove the bolts. You can also use a wrench set to remove them.

Place the tape measure at one end of the bar. Pull the tape measure to the other end of the bar and record the measurements. It is not necessary to round off the measurements.

The number must be greater than the effective length. Here you have the measurements of the chainsaw bar. It is just as easy as that.


Chainsaws are very important tools. Chainsaw bar sizes differ and they are very easy to measure. It just requires little of your time some people ask if chain saw bars are interchangeable.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Chainsaw bar measurements are important. You can never guess the measurements. They help when you are purchasing a chain for your chain saw. It is also a way of maintaining the chain saw.

As you all know, there are different chainsaw bar sizes. Know your chainsaws bar measurements before you settle on any chain. Follow the instructions carefully to come up with good if not accurate results.

It also prevents you from accidents. Ensure that you understand the instructions before you carry out the procedure. I hope you now know how to measure a chainsaw bar after going through this guide.

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