How to Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade – Pruner Blade Sharpening Ways

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First things first, what is a pole saw blade? A pole saw blade is a saw blade installed at the end of a pole.

It is very efficient when pruning higher tree branches, making working simpler and quicker. So here’s the question, what happens when your saw blade gets dull?

The blade won’t perform efficiently. You will work lowly because of the sawdust formed on it.

When this happens, do not throw the blade away; instead, you can choose to sharpen the saw blades yourself. So how do you sharpen a saw blade?

Below you will find the different ways how to sharpen a pole saw blade. Whether you are a beginner or not, you can master these simple ways on the first try.

Of course, there are different things you will need when sharpening a pole saw blade. These will entirely depend on the type of tool you choose to use.

The Tools You Can Use to Sharpen Your Pole Saw Blade Include:

  • A file.
  • A sharpening rod (whetstone, diamond, or ceramic rods is highly recommended.
  • A grinder.
  • And always have a table vice regardless of the tool you are using.

The very first thing you must do is clean the blade before you start sharpening it. You can use a brush wire to clean off the tree Debris and dust.

In case there is any oil build-up on the blade, use the right degreaser product to do away with the oil.

When using a degreaser, mix it in water in a clean container and place the blade inside. Leave it to soak for a few minutes.

Once it has soaked well, scrub it with a rug. Rinse it well and leave it to dry for a while. If you are in a hurry, you can choose to wipe the water off the blade using a clean rug.

You Can Keep Your Pole Saw Blade Sharp With These Step-by-Step Guide

Pole saw blades can become dull over time, making it difficult to cut through branches. However, these simple steps and methods can keep your pole saw blade sharp.

Method: 1) How to Sharpen the Blade Using a File – Pole Saw Sharpening

This method will teach you how to sharpen a saw blade by hand. Several sharpening rods are available on the market to choose from.

First, we can see how to sharpen using a file. Files can be used if the blades are smooth.

Step 1. Secure The Pole Saw Blade

Place the blade of the saw in a table vice. Make sure you keep the edge face up and then secure the blade tightly, so it doesn’t slip off and cut your hand.

Using the control rope, pull the pole saw and make sure it is in an open position. With that, fasten it in place so that it remains open.

Step 2. File The Beveled Blade

Start by sharpening the blade from the back of the beveled. The beveled blade is the surface it has been ground to form the edge.

Start filling the Beveled edge, pushing the file to the teeth.

Note: Don’tDon’t move the file back and forth; instead, strike the blade continuously, moving your hand in one direction.

This will help prevent the blade from getting textured, making the blade duller.

It is advisable to file in the direction of your body to avoid accidents.

Once the back teeth are done, proceed to the front teeth and file. Endeavor to sharpen the top edges by brushing the file front-to-back striking the whole cutting surface.

File the end of the blade how to make it Sharp and smooth.

Step 3. File The Saw Blade

In this step, you will learn how to sharpen saw teeth. Grab a small round metal file to sharpen the saw blade.

You must be extra careful, so your hand does not land on the saw teeth.

Each Sawtooth features an around and straight edge with the metal file, file on a round edge while moving your hand in one direction.

Step 4. Oil The Pole Saw Blade

Once you are through with sharpening, ensure to apply oil on all the joints of the pole saw. This will help you cut and prune tree branches neatly and fast.

Method: 2) Sharpening the Pole Saw Using A Sharpening Rod

Step 1. Clamp The Blade

Have the blade clamped on a table vice and have the serrated edge facing up.

Step 2. Position The Rod Correctly

Place the sharpening rod in the groove between the two teeth. Pushing the rod forward, file away the metal to sharpen the blade.

Continue doing this up to three to six times until you see a burr of curled metal fillings forming on the blade’s back.

Rub the sharpening rod against the back of the blade to do away with the burrs. Make sure all the burrs fall off with just one or two passes.

Step 3. Lubrication

After you are through with sharpening, coat the blade edges by spraying lubricating oil to prevent the blade from rusting.

Step 4. Ensure Regular Maintenance

If you don’t like frustrating work, you must carry out regular maintenance on your pole saw blade.

Also, if you are to do lots of trimming and cutting using this tool, you can always carry a few files to save time in case the blade gets dull with all the pruning.

Method: 3) How to Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade Using A Grinder

An angle grinder can be used to sharpen a pruning saw. It is faster and more efficient than a hand file. In the following steps, you can use a grinder to sharpen a pole saw blade.

Step 1. Remove The Blade from The Pole

In this method, you must detach the blade from the pole before you start sharpening with a grinder.

Remember to wear safety gear like goggles, a helmet, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt during the whole process.

Loosen the bolt and free the blade.

If it is a little complicated, use the buying guide and see how safely you can remove the blade.

Step 2. Secure The Blade

Once you remove the blade, clamp the blade onto a workbench and secure it tightly. Make sure to identify the angle you will use before sharpening.

This is important for the grinding disc to be aligned with the angle of the blade.

Note. Don’tDon’t apply a lot of pressure while sharpening because it will cause overheating in the process.

Step 3. Check Your Work

To avoid over-sharpening, check the progress after every strike on the blade. Always sharpen the blade, ensuring that all sides are equally balanced.

Keep doing this until you are sure the blade is sharp enough.

Step 4. Place the blade back on The Pole

After sharpening the blade, place it back on the pole correctly and carefully to avoid accidents or injuries.

Once you are through, you can start trimming your tree branches.

Guidance And Tips for Sharping Pruner Blade

  • Select a sharpening Rod that will perfectly fit the pole saw blade’s groves. You should know that a huge Rod will take off a lot from the teeth of the blade, and a small Rod will not effectively make contact with the teeth of the blade to give you the best sharpening.
  • We suggest you try a Whetstone file and a diamond file. This is because these have an excellent capability to sharpen your pole saw blade.
  • If you find it hard to remove the blade from the pole, hold it and secure it in a table vice. The pole should be laid at an angle from the floor to the vice, and then tighten the vice securely on the blade.
  • You can choose to begin the sharpening process of any method you prefer by spraying orange oil on the blade teeth, as this will help to clean out impurities as well as dirt in between the teeth.
  • While sharpening, ensure that the blade’s teeth are visible over the vice securing it. Shape the teeth with a triangle saw file to have a consistent pitch to each tooth.
  • Place tooth covers on the blade after sharpening when you want to store it away. This is important to keep dirt and debris on the teeth and avoid injuries.
  • Endeavor to see that you sharpen every tooth. If you are using a file, mark the teeth that you have finished sharpening, so you don’t get confused.
  • After sharpening, ensure that you Spray oil on the pole saw blade for lubrication to prevent corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How Do You Sharpen A Fiskars Pole Saw Blade?

To sharpen a Fiskars pole saw blade, you will need a file and a vise. First, clamp the blade in the vise. Then, operate the file to sharpen the teeth on the blade. Keep the file level with the blade, and only file in one direction.

Why Is My Pole Saw Not Cutting?

There are a few reasons why your pole saw may not be cut correctly. The chain may be dull or the wrong size for the saw, the bar might be bent, or the tension on the chain may be too loose.

If the chain is dull, you’ll need to sharpen it. If the bar is bent, you’ll need to replace it. And if the tension on the chain is too loose, you’ll need to adjust it.

How Do You Sharpen A Pole Saw Chain?

If your pole saw chain is getting dull, you’ll need to sharpen it. This can be accomplished with a file or a sharpening stone. First, ensure the saw is turned off, and the chain is not moving.

Then, find the angle you need to file at – this will be different for different types of saws. Once you have the correct angle, start sanding the teeth on the chain.

Work slowly and evenly until all of the teeth are sharpened.

How To Sharpen A Tree Saw Blade?

To sharpen a tree saw blade, you will need a file, a vise, and a hammer:

  1. Clamp the blade in the vise.
  2. Use the file to clear any burrs from the teeth.
  3. Use the hammer to tap the file gently until it is flush with the top of the tooth.
  4. Use the file to vacate any burrs from the back of the blade.
  5. Use the hammer to tap the file gently until it is flush with the back of the tooth.

How To Sharpen A Manual Pole Saw Blade?

You will need a file and a sharpening stone to sharpen a manual pole saw blade. First, use the file to remove burrs or nicks from the blade.

Next, hold the blade at a 20-degree angle to the sharpening stone and work along the blade, moving the stone in a circular motion.

Be sure to use light pressure and keep the strokes even. After a few minutes, you should have a sharp, clean edge on your pole saw blade.

How To Sharpen A Pole Tree Pruner Blade?

You will require a file or sharpening stone to sharpen a pole tree pruner blade. First, identify the bevel of the blade. The bevel is the flexed edge of the blade that does the cutting.

Place the file or sharpening stone against the bevel at an angle that matches the original angle of the blade.

Use short strokes and move the file or stone from the base of the blade to the tip.

Repeat this approach on both sides of the blade until it is sharp.

Can I Sharpen My Pole Saw Blade with A Power Drill?

Yes, you can sharpen your pole saw blade with a power drill:

  1. Ensure that the drill bit is sharp and the correct size for your saw blade.
  2. Clamp the saw blade in a vise or similar device.
  3. Use the drill to slowly and carefully sharpen the blade.

Keep a consistent angle while sharpening to ensure a good edge on the blade.

Do I Need to Remove the Blade from The Pole to Sharpen It?

No, you don’t need to remove the blade from the pole to sharpen it. However, it’s essential to be very careful when sharpening the blade while it’s still attached to the pole.

Make sure to use a sharpening stone designed explicitly for use with blades, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Pole Saw Blade?

How often you need to sharpen your pole saw blade depends on how often you use it and what type of wood you’re cutting.

If you use your pole saw regularly, you’ll need to sharpen the blade more often. Harder woods will also dull the blade faster.

A helpful rule of thumb is to sharpen the blade after every 10 hours of use or so.

Is There Any Way to Prevent My Pole Saw Blade from Getting Dull?

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your pole saw blade from getting dull. One is to ensure that you always sharpen the blade before and after each use.

Another is to avoid using the pole saw on hard or abrasive surfaces. If you need to use it on such a surface, use a light touch and avoid pressing too hard.

Finally, clean the blade regularly with soap and water to remove any build-up of sawdust or other materials.

What’s The Difference Between A Pruning Saw And A Pole Saw?

Pruning and pole saws are both hand-held saws that can be used for trimming branches. However, there are some vital differences between the two.

Pruning saws typically have a shorter blade than pole saws and are also designed to cut through smaller diameter branches.

Pole saws, on the other hand, have longer blades and can be used to cut through larger-diameter branches.

In addition, pole saws often come with an extendable pole that allows you to reach higher branches without climbing a ladder.

Why Do I Need to Keep the Friction of A Sharpening Rod?

The friction of a sharpening rod is necessary to keep the blade of your knife sharp. Without it, the blade would quickly become dull and require more frequent sharpening.


Choose any of the two methods to sharpen your tree saw blade. You can choose to sharpen your blades by hand using different sharpening rods that you can find on the market.

We recommend that you follow the steps and tips carefully and always remember to be very cautious during the process.

It is a must always to wear safety gear when handling such tools. Invest your time in maintaining the pole saw blade to avoid replacing it regularly.

Keep running to build an eco-friendly environment.

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