5 Best Benchtop Band Saws Under $500, $300, And $200 – Reviews And Buying Guide

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If your workshop or garage lacks adequate space, getting a versatile benchtop band saw should top your list. We’ll be doing the best benchtop band saws under $500 reviews to help you make the best purchase.

Whether you’re a carpenter, woodworker, or a do-it-yourself expert, using good benchtop band saws might be worth considering.

Our Favourite 5 Best Benchtop Band Saws Under $500, $300, and $200

Checklist For Purchasing The Best Benchtop Band Saws Under $500, $300, and $200

5 Best Benchtop Band Saws Under $500, $300, And $200 – Review And Buyer's Guide

Benchtops band saws are your regular band saws that are installed on a workbench. They are primarily utilized for woodworking projects but can also be helpful for lumbering and metalworking.

Getting just any benchtop band saw is not enough. You need to look out for the following features.

1. Frame

The frame refers to the composition of the benchtop band saw stand. The two common types are cast iron and welded steel frames. Cast iron frames are durable and solid, while welded steel stands are more lightweight and cost less.

2. Motor

As is common in power equipment, having the right amount of horsepower is vital. It’s particularly essential to reduce friction in sawing operations. And also to get your job done in good timing.

The typical ranges are ½ -1 HP for small jobs and 2 HP or higher for heavy-duty workpieces. Averagely, good benchtop band saws having 1 to 1.5 HP motors get all kinds of jobs done.

3. Blade Guides

These provide support to the benchtop band saw blades. Two types exist;

  • Ceramic(no moving parts, dissipates heat from the blade for longer life and extended use)
  • Ball-bearing (most common, utilizes sealed to guide and support the blade).
  • Dust collection

Although benchtop band saws do not produce as much dust, it’s still necessary to put in place adequate cleaning measures. That’s why the best-rated benchtop band saws usually come with dust ports for good dust collection.

Others include the throat size, blade width, and the weight of the equipment. Proper height adjustment and guards will make your working operations easier.

You should also check out for safety features. So, the safety features include a sliding bevel, tension gauges, hinged wheel covers, and power switches with removable keys.

Benchtop Band Saw vs Scrollsaw

You’ve probably come across the benchtop band saw vs. scrollsaw debate. At first glance, these two tools tend to look similar. But if you notice closely, some features will help you tell them apart.

Benchtop Band Saw vs Scrollsaw

So, what is the difference between a band saw and a scroll saw?

A band saw is used for heavier materials and produces more straight cuts. Meanwhile, a scroll saw is more suitable for thinner workpieces to make more delicate and intricate designs.

Our Top 5 Best Benchtop Band Saws Under $500, $300, And $200 – Review And Buyer’s Guide

1. Grizzly Industrial G0803Z – 9″ Benchtop Band Saw with Laser Guide

The G0803Z is a 9-inch benchtop band saw with an adjustable led work light and a laser guidance system. It also has an extruded aluminum fence and rail for working with longer wood pieces.

A notable feature is the adjustable dust blower to keep the workspace clear while you’re working. Wood Magazine also awarded the G0803Z Top Value for its remarkable design. The design features an efficient 1/3HP motor, a heavy-duty feel, and portability.

Also, the Rack-and-Pinion Table Tilt allows you to cut beveled edges. Finally, like all Grizzly bandsaws, the G0803Z comes with a 1-year warranty covering the benchtop band saw parts.


✅ Easily moveable around the workspace and to Jobsite

✅ A simple process of changing blades and adjusting tracking & tension

✅ Laser sight and dust blower for increased visibility


❌ Not suitable for cutting metal

2. WEN 3975T Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw

Are you thinking of cutting through 5-inch metal pipes without stress? Then it would help if you considered WEN. WEN’s 5-inch benchtop metal cutting bandsaw makes easy work of brass, aluminum, copper, steel, and other materials.

So, this variable-speed benchtop band saw allows for blade rotation anywhere from 125 to 260 FPM (feet per minute). It will give you the perfect cut in a variety of sizes and materials.

Included beveling blade can create angled cuts from 0 to 60 degrees. In addition, with ball-bearing blade guides, you get a longer-lasting and reliable tool.


✅ Compact design makes moving and storing possible

✅ Onboard vise grips workpiece firmly

✅ Easily adjustable between jobs

✅ Two-year warranty


❌ Less smooth/straight cuts

❌ Not enough working accessories included

3. WEN 3939T 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

The 3939T is another 9-inch benchtop band saw from WEN. It includes an adjustable blade guard, an onboard dust port, a fence, a miter gauge, and a carrying handle. The work table is 12 x 12 inches in size and can level up to 45 degrees.

It includes a 3/8-inch blade that rotates at about 2460 feet per minute by a motor of 2.8amp.

It makes intricate cuts since it possesses 62-inch blades. In addition, the bearing blade guides guarantee smooth operation and durable usage.


✅ Backed by a two-year warranty

✅ Powerful and versatile equipment

✅ Included dust port for clear workspace


❌ Less sturdy housing

❌ It can be hard to change blades

4. POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Benchtop Bandsaw

The POWERTEC BS900 is the best benchtop band saw for the money. It’s a battery-powered woodworking tool that delivers high-precision crosscuts and angled cuts.

Special features are the patented blade guard system and quick release blade tension lever. These allow you to quickly and safely adjust the cutting depth and change the saw blades. In addition, the rack and pinion table accommodate quick and accurate angle and height changes for your diverse projects.

It also uses any 62-inch blades between 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size.


✅ Easy view window allows you to track and align blades easily

✅ Diversified range of saw blades

✅ Dust port keeps work area clean and clear


❌ It is not fit for metalwork

❌ No dustbag included

5. BILT HARD Benchtop Bandsaw for Woodworking

The benchtop band saw has a maximum cutting depth of 3 ½ inches and a cutting width of 9 inches. Its weight is about 39 lbs. It has a ball-bearing motor of 2.5 amp.

At 2500 FPM, the band saw can cut diverse classes of wood.

Also included is a dust port that can accept a vacuum hose. In addition, the adjustable cast iron table has features that provide an extensive and sturdy work surface.


✅ Solid build

✅ Easy blade replacement


❌ It can be a bit heavy

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What Should I Adjust Before I Use A Band Saw?

A. Adjust the saw blades, the blade guides, the wheels, and the table, and the fence. However, all these must be done with the correct safety practices and according to the included owner’s manual.

Q. How Much HP Does A Band Saw Need?

A. Depends on your cutting demands. For heavy-duty work, band saws possess as much as two horsepower or more. Hence will require a greater amount of electrical supply.

Smaller band saws have between ¾ to 1 horsepower motors. So while performing regular DIY tasks, you’ll find a 1-to-1.5 HP band saw appropriate.

Q. How High Can I Cut With A Band Saw?

A. From about 6 inches to as much as 12 inches. It all depends on the specific throat and resaw capacities of the tool. 

Q. Can You Rip With A Band Saw?

A. Yes, with the proper setup and using high-quality benchtop band saw blades.

Q. How Do You Cut Wood With A Band Saw?

A. There are various ways you can cut wooden boards or strips with a band saw. You can check out Howcast’s woodworking video on how to use a band saw.


So, is a benchtop band saw worth it? Of course.

Benchtop band saw uses vary from making rip cuts and crosscuts and can even reduce the thickness of a wood board. Plus, they will save you a lot of floor space.

So, we’ve taken you through our best benchtop band saws reviews. Now, it’s time to get yourself some quality tools today.

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