How To Cut a Log Lengthwise With a Chainsaw – A 5 Steps Guide

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If you are a woodworker and will work for Log cutting in a home construction service, but due to being a beginner don’t know which Chainsaw to use, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will discuss different types of Chainsaw, their uses, and how to cut logs lengthwise using a Chainsaw, and at the end, we will also answer some important FAQ’s.

A chainsaw is somehow different from a reciprocating saw. To get more information about the reciprocating Saw, read our article about reciprocating Saw.

How To Cut a Log Lengthwise With a Chainsaw

What Is Chainsaw?

A Chainsaw consists of a movable saw having a sharp set of teeth, that powered by gasoline,  by electricity, is battery charged, or even hand-powered. These teeth are attached with a revolving chain along a guide bar, that protects the chainsaw from abrasion loss.

Different Types Of Chainsaw And Their Uses

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There are many types of Chainsaw specialized according to different work. They are listed here that are then discussed later in detail:

  1. Pocket/ Manual Chainsaw
  2. Corded Electric Chainsaw
  3. Pole Chainsaw
  4. Battery Powered Chainsaw
  5. Gas Powered Chainsaw
  6. Pneumatic Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw And Its Uses

Pocket Chainsaw is a little, lightweight, and pocket-friendly Saw having sharp blades at both ends, with two handle areas for easy gripping. The object is cut by revolving the Saw around the item, swivelling it in a to and fro motion.

Uses: It can be used for cutting small objects like cordwood.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable
  • Less force requires


  • Only feasible for small objects
  • Requires a long time for the cutting process
  • Because it’s a hand-powered Saw, it is a little challenging to use and also effort-consuming

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Pocket Chainsaw And Its Uses

Pocket Chainsaw is a little, lightweight, and pocket-friendly Saw having sharp blades at both ends, with two handle areas for easy gripping. The object is cut by revolving the Saw around the item, swivelling it in a to and fro motion.

Uses: It can be used for cutting small objects like cordwood.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable
  • Less force requires


  • Only feasible for small objects
  • Requires a long time for the cutting process
  • Because it’s a hand-powered Saw, it is a little challenging to use and also effort-consuming

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Pole Chainsaw And Its Uses

Some Pole Chainsaws resemble a reciprocating saw. These are not much larger and are hand-carry Saws. As the trees grow, their branches also grow in an un-mannered shape leaving it a dilemma on cutting them.

Uses: If you are used to cutting the tree branches and give a perfect shape to those trees with a balance, then the Pole Chainsaw is the ideal Saw for this use. It can also be used for tree extensions present on the top of the trees. These Chainsaws are less power full than a typical Chainsaw.


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Used as both a low or high forceful Saw
  • Can be used for higher branches


  • Not powerful as other Chainsaws
  • Usually, its primary purpose is for tree branches and nothing other  

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Battery Powered Chainsaw And Its Uses

As indicated by its name, the Battery Powered Chainsaw consists of a rechargeable battery. With that being said, the machine is also light in weight. Battery timing may vary depending upon which type of work.

Uses: These are the best saws for the brush and reachable in most places where other saws can’t.


  • Movable
  • Can be used for medium work
  • Being battery powered reduces the harm of being exposed to hydrocarbons
  • Less noise
  • Doesn’t need to be kick-started whenever it’s turned off, making git suitable to use at heights


  • Contains less power
  • The battery is limited and cannot run more than a whole day

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Gas Powered Chainsaw And Its Uses

Gas-powered Chainsaws have more power than other Chainsaws. That’s why most people choose them as their ideal Chainsaw for their work. This gas-powered engine Chainsaw can cut wood of all sizes and lengths.

Uses: Can be used for almost all types of work like massive trees or branches cutting.


  • Robust Chainsaw as compared to others.
  • Can perform heavy work
  • People frequently use them.


  • Bulky and loudly, so ear protection and hand safety while using is highly required
  • More upper body strength is required in using it
  • Consume more gas

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Pneumatic Chainsaw And Its Uses

A pneumatic Chainsaw is frequently used for industrial or manufacturing purposes. These saws are useful in making straight cuts. Lubrication keeps the blades sharp, protects against overheating against the edges.

Uses: These are very powerful saws, useful in construction working mostly for metal or concrete cutting.


  • It runs with less power
  • Fuel consumption is minimal
  • Heavy duty
  • Protects blades from overheating
  • Perfect for straight cuts


  • Costs of this Chainsaw is slightly expensive than the rest

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Guide For Beginners On How To Cut A Log Lengthwise With A Chainsaw

Lengthwise cutting is usually required for home construction such as; cabins, cupboards, benches, bookshelves, and other furniture. Mill Saw has an excellent option with a Chainsaw for cutting lengthwise because the mill makes the process easy for cutting. It also saves time and wastage of material.

How To Use Mill With A Chainsaw For Cutting A Log Lengthwise

Milling is the procedure that uses its movable cutter for the removal of uneven or useless material into the workpiece. Milling depends upon various factors like cutter head, force, and blades.

Many milling Chainsaws can mill the logs, but you have to choose the right mill for work. Here are the different types of mills below that provide a clear image in mind on which mill is perfect for which purpose.

HiHydro Chainsaw Mill 36 inch

This mill Chainsaw is made up of pure aluminium and steel. One of its best features is that it can cut beams or lumber of a maximum length of 36 inches and a thickness of 0.5 to 13 inches. It is easy to handle and use. HiHydro mill is durable and long-lasting, but it is not feasible for bars because they can be more than 36 inches thick.

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Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

It can be used for outdoor work and any woodwork. Its cutting size is between 24 to 36 inches and is highly durable regarding performance. Its cutting width is about 48 inches, and the appliance has a two years warranty.

Carmyra mill has a beautiful design with adjustable features, and its cutting size does not need to attach with the drilling bar during working.

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ALASKAN Granberg Chainsaw Mill

ALASKAN Granberg is lightweight and easy to use. It is portable and not expensive. Made of good quality material ensures it’s long-lasting life. It can cut logs with a maximum length of 17 inches. It completes tons of work efficiently like a gas Chainsaw or battery Chainsaw.

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Step By Step Guide To Cut The Log Lengthwise With A Chainsaw

First Step

  • Before starting, understand what sort of work it is and which type of Chainsaw is used. With the help of the Chainsaw types mentioned above and their usage, finding the right Chainsaw will no longer be a problem.
  • Check that log is held correctly in its place.
  • Bullets are lubricated.
  • Before starting operation, make sure you put on proper safety gear.
  • Use protective glasses to avoid any injury.
  • Make sure its blades are correctly aligned, clean and sharp.

Second Step

  • Cut off all branches of the tree because it can be a hurdle in the cutting process. You will feel at ease during cutting.

Third Step

  • Prepare yourself for the kickback. It usually happens when blades try to cut hard objects. Ignorance can cause severe injury.
  • Check the surface around which should clean from all obstacles.
  • Hold the Chainsaw with both hands.

 Fourth Step

  • Do not try to change the position of the Saw while using it. It can give you a sudden jerk for which you may not be prepared for.
  • Before taking a rest, ensure that the Saw is first switched off
  • Keep the Chainsaw close to your body.

Fifth and Last Step

  • Always try to clean your Saw regularly because its care is crucial. Keeping it clean and spot-on will secure its long life
  • After winding up the work on every clean, first, let its blades cool down before proceeding to any other job.
  • Clean edges to keep its sharpness long-lasting.
  • Lubricates its bullets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can You Split A Log With A Chainsaw?

A: Yes. Splitting a log with a chainsaw is a straightforward process. But you have to be aware of the right techniques while braking; otherwise, it will be a waste of time. Splitting maul is best for this purpose.

It is heavier and looks like a hammer. Another thing that is also important to consider is the log diameter that has to be cut. If the diameter is smaller or roundabout 14 inches, then splitting maul is accurate for breaking.

Q: How Do You Cut A Log Straight With A Chainsaw?

A: Cutting a square in a log with a chainsaw isn’t a big challenge; all you need to do is follow the right steps to reach your target. Firstly, mark the log with a pointer/chalk with the help of scale or a perfectly cut record of that size.

Then, use a gas chainsaw or battery chainsaw for heavy logs or mini saws for small objects. A wedge hammer also can be used in the mid for accurate cutting.

Quartering a log with a Chainsaw is also suitable by placing the wood onto the mill keeping it to the ground. Move it’s every side and try to cut the log through the mill. This method is slow but best for quartering a wood.

Q: How Do You Split A Large Log Lengthwise?

A: First of all, the top priority should be selecting the right Chainsaw for this purpose. The Chainsaw should be greater than the log, which has to cut. The tree trunk should be held into place after choosing the straight Chainsaw, making a two inches slit into the log.

If required, make more slits lengthwise. A sharp wedge can be used in the place where you have to cut the log. Lastly, hit with a hammer to split the large log lengthwise.

Q: How To Cut The Log In Half Without A Chainsaw

A: It is quick to cut a log into half without a Chainsaw. An axe and wedge are the right choices for cutting. Ensure that log is held into place then, take an axe and hit it to the record.

This action will ensure that the log is split from the middle, or separated in whatever direction you require. Place a wedge in the mid of the log and hit it again with an axe. In this way, the branch will cut into half without a Chainsaw.

Q: How To Cut A Small Log In Half-Length Wise

A: Cutting a small log can be time-consuming and risky. A small hammer and short axe can cut a little wood into half-length by marking the place that needs to cut.

Hand saws or small electric saws are best for this cutting. A rope or milling chain also can be used for little cutting with a hammer.

Q: How To Cut Large Logs With A Chainsaw

A: Cutting of large logs can be challenging because, in some cases, the blades do not support the log length, and it can create extra tension in the mid of the wood. Find the smaller end or part of the log. When you find the shorter edge where the blade’s diameter is almost equal to the log, revolve the cutter around the log at 90 degrees.

From this end, you can get an advantage to the other end of the record. You can also use a wedge in the middle of the log to prevent pinching or extra effort.

Splitting large logs with the wedge is also be possible while cutting.

Q: How To Cut The Log In Half Lumber With A Chainsaw

A: For this purpose, a mini Chainsaw can be used by attaching its robust Chainsaw as a gas or battery chain. Mark the log where it has to cut will make it easy. You can also use a wedge for cutting lumber into half log.

Q: How To Cut Logs Without A Chainsaw

A: If you want to cut logs without a Chainsaw, there are many options around you. For example, you can use folding saw, wire saw, crosscut saw, bow saw, hand saw, circular Saw, axe or smaller electric saws, etc.

These saws are easy to handle, and all have sharp blades, which helps make the cutting process of logs easy. These are the best way to cut logs without a Chainsaw.

Q: How To Plane A Log With A Chainsaw

A: The plane log can obtain by making pinching cuts on the ledger by marking it with a pointer. Each pinching mark should be bold. Cut the upper side of the uneven ledger and start cutting with a Chainsaw. It is pretty simple and doesn’t require any expensive tools for cutting. You will be amazed after using this quick technique for the plane log.

Q: How To Square A Log With A Chainsaw

A: Permanent marker or chalk is used to mark a horizontal line on the upper side. Vertical lines are made on opposite sides at the end of the log. Another technique can also use for square cutting by squaring the end of the wood with a square scale. Both methods can provide the best squaring shape log.

Q: How To Mill A Log With A Chainsaw

A: Milling is the most reliable method for this purpose. 460 Chainsaw with 24 inches bar on the mill is the best match. Remove the cover of the Chainsaw and set the ripping chain on it.

For 24-inch mill bar also should be 24 inches. Fix the Chainsaw with a mill. After it holds the Chainsaw with the mill, starts cutting.

Q: How To Rip A Log With A Chainsaw

A: The ripping Chainsaw guide is necessary to rip a log cutting. Pulling chains can be used with a Chainsaw for parallel cutting to the wood. Ripping logs with a Chainsaw are somehow slow in cutting and take more time but is a fab option for fine work. 

Q: How To Split A Log By Hand

A: If the log is old or dry, it can also cut using a hatchet and hammer. To get the target, use a wedge and place it on the area you want to split. After that, hit the wedge with a hammer, keep hitting as much as needed. After the log has become somewhat fragile, you can also use your hand to break the log quickly.

The dry log is more accessible in splitting. Hands can also do planks breaking. Use blades for splitting logs into the planks by measuring it according to the requirement

Q: How To Hold The Log While Cutting With Chainsaw

A: Posture is essential while cutting the log. You have to stand in such a way you didn’t feel a burden on your shoulders. Otherwise, it will lead to muscle fatigue.

To avoid this, keep your feet far away from each other as much as the distance between your shoulders. This technique will protect you from sudden jerks and tiredness, and you can work for a more amount of time.

Q: How Do You Pull A Log On The Chainsaw

A: Pulling a log on the Chainsaw is relatively easy. You can do this by tightening the Chainsaw around the log. It can be easily cut after hitting it with a hammer with a wedge inside the wood. When wood release the Chainsaw, push it onto the roster.

Q: Can You Cut A Log Lengthwise With A Chainsaw

A: For firewood, it best to cut a log lengthwise. For this purpose, clean the area from all hurdles; otherwise, it doesn’t support straight cuts. Give some rigid support on the ground under the bottom of the log to fix it in one place.

Make the first cut. Start cutting from the top of the wood toward the opposite end. Cut it by making a 90-degree angle by Chainsaw and mill on the log. Mark also supports lengthwise cutting.


With all the information provided regarding chains types and their user guides, I hope this article will help you choose the perfect Chainsaw according to your work. Every Chainsaw requires different pressure while working. Similarly, some Chainsaw can be used for small objects while others for heavy-duty.

Some of the Chainsaw’s engine runs through the rechargeable battery, and others use gas as a fuel.

Furthermore, a complete guide is written about how to cut a log lengthwise with a Chainsaw to give you a heads up information on how to cut a log lengthwise with a Chainsaw.

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