How to Split Wood with an Axe – Step by Step Guide on Splitting Wood

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Splitting Wood is a crucial skill that is required whether you need to chop wood for working purposes or for survival when present in the wild. But especially for those who live in very cold countries, this skill is a must. Maybe some of you don’t know how to split wood with an Axe. Trust me, it’s not a hard process. With this detailed guide, you now know how to split wood with an axe.

Splitting Wood is used to light fires and make wood houses. It may sound complicated, but if you know the process of Splitting Wood with Axe, it’s a piece of cake.

How to Split Wood with an Axe - Step by Step Guide on Splitting Wood with Axe

Step by Step Guide on How to Split Wood with an Axe

Splitting Wood with an Axe though is not impossible but is kind of difficult. However, if you follow the rules and proceed step by step, then it would be an effortless task for you.

What Do You Need When Splitting Wood?

The Materials

Splitting Wood with an Axe – 6 Steps Wood Splitting Guide

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Step 1: Prepare Yourself with Safety Measures

Before you go for the whole process, you need to take some precautions. You have to prepare yourself with rubber gloves, goggles or safety glasses, and work boots.

You also have to assure that you are strong enough to hold the Axe. This kind of stuff will help you to protect yourself and others around you.

Step 2 – Pick an Ideal Chopping Block with a Safe Place

After preparing yourself, you need to find a safe place and pick an ideal chopping block. Ensure that you are going to split woods in some open place, obstruction-free and less crowded.

If you work in some secure area, then you might have to face some unwanted accidents. If you don’t have a chopping block, then you can do your work with a vast piece of uniting stout woods.

With this, you can make an excellent chopping block, which would be rough and easy to split. Besides these, for additional knowledge, Elmwood is an ideal chopping block.

This is yield because when you chop against a hard surface, it can damage your Axe.

Step 3 –Positioning the Wood

Now it’s time to prepare or to position the Wood that you take for the chop. Take the piece of Wood you need to chop and locate it on your chopping block. If you keep the Wood perpendicularly on the block, then it would be accessible to some adjustments.

Now make sure that your Wood or log is stable as much as you need and position it within the lay from where you are going to cut it.

Step 4 – Fix Your Position and Get into Aureate Form With an Unyielding Grip

After positioning the log, you are ready to split it. Now fix your position but first, make sure that the place is obstacle-free within your surroundings.

The site you are standing should be mud-free and dry because slippery places can be dangerous for you. It can be a cause of injuries.

Make sure that you have a strong grip to hold the Axe’s handle to avoid an unwanted accident.

Step 5 – Notice the Piece of Log to Point For the Weak Spot

Now hold the Axe and notice the piece of log to point for the weak spot. It would be easy to split if you point out the soft spot of your log. Find out the smooth surface and make your aim to chop.

Step 6 – Prepare Your Swing and Finally Split the Wood

After preparing the log and yourself, get ready to schedule your swing and split the Wood. For your swing, lift the Axe up, leaning your hand to form an arc over your shoulder.

When you are doing this, keep your mind calm and do it slowly while keeping your eye on your target. If you keep an eye on your target and have the perfect position from your log, you are ready to release your swing and split the log.

For breaking the Wood, bring the Axe down roughly in a quick motion. Wood is a stern object, so you have to do this several times to split the wood.

Must-Know Wood Splitting Tips and Tricks

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Select A Perfect Wood

There are various woods, and some are not good enough to split and work with. You have to choose the correct Wood to split. To make perfect firewood and objects, you should select the right Wood that would be easy to break.

Select A Perfect Tool

If you are not going to split hardwood, then the Axe would be a perfect tool to use, and make sure that you choose a sharp Axe.

But if you are thinking of working with hardwood, then you can use a splitting maul and wedge. Because with an Axe, it is not easy to break a hardwood.

Pick A Perfect Chopping Surface

Picking a perfect chopping surface is an important task. It can not be slippery or muddy. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for you.

Choose An Open Safe Place

As mentioned first, while thinking about split woods, you have to think about an open safe location because it is necessary for your safety and others.

Remove The Bark From A Tree With A Machete

While removing the bark from a tree, you can use a machete. You will get the smooth firewood. However, while removing the bark from a tree, do not forget to use gloves and safety glasses.

Wood Pile Markers

If you want to make some alphabet or write something, then you can use woodpile markers. It would be best to use a small hand saw, jigsaw, or band saw making Woodpile markers.

Splitting With A Sledgehammer And Wedge

For making firewood, there are tricks that will make your work easier. For splitting Wood, especially firewood, you can use a sledgehammer and wedge.

But remember, while doing this whole process, you need to keep calm yourself and focus on your work.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Should a Splitting AXE be Sharp?

A: Yes. Wood is a rough material. Hence, it would be easier if you use a sharp Axe. But if it is a hardwood, then the most suitable suggestion is to use a sharp splitting maul.

Q: What is the Hardest Wood to Split?

A: The hardest Wood to split would be Elm, Sweetgum, and Cottonwood. These are the hardest wood to be separated. If you are thinking of firewood, then definitely avoid these three kinds of wood as hardwood would not be suitable for this.

Q: How to Swing an Axe to Split Wood?

A: For swinging an Axe to split wood, raise the Axe up, lean your hand back to form an arc over your shoulder. Focus on your target, swing your axe down, swiftly, quickly, and forcefully, and split the wood.

Q: How to Use a Log Splitter?

A: To use a log splitter, turn over the splitter into a vertical position, bolster the logs on their ends, and split the logs in two.

Q: How to Split Wood with a Wedge?

A: For splitting with a wedge, first, you need to use a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer drives the wedge down deep into the crack to increase the size of the split.

Q: How to Split Wood with a Maul?

A: To splitting with a maul, you also have to take the same precautions for your safety. After preparing yourself, you need to follow the same steps as mentioned.

Splitting Wood with a maul is kind of more accessible than an Axe. While using the maul, you don’t need to swing—all you need to move the maul in an up-down direction.

Q: How to Split Wood with a Hatchet?

A: At first, you should know that hatchet is not so powerful splitting tool like an Axe. Before using a hatchet, you need to partially split wood with an Axe first. Then swing the hatchet and split the Wood.

Q: How to Split Wood without an Axe?

A: If you don’t want to use or don’t have any splitting tools, with this trick you can also split wood without an axe. To split wood without an Axe, all you would need a knife with a fixed blade.

If your log is slimmer, then you can use this trick. But for larger logs, carve a series of wedges out of slender staves that can be used as your tool.

Q: How to Split Wood without a Chopping Block?

A: Keep your log on the ground and split it with your Axe. It would be more manageable if you use a sharp Axe or other tools.

Q: How Do You Split Wood without a Stump?

A: Keep the chopped wood on the ground with an Axe that is ground for chopping. For this method, you don’t need any stump. You can split Wood without a stump by using a sharp Axe.


Splitting Wood would be easy if you follow all the steps. For optimum results, using a sharp Axe is the key. Now a question arises that you can ask yourself: ‘which one is the best Axe for cutting down trees.

For this, you can use Gransfors Bruks American Axe, 1884 Helko Werk Germany classic, Hults Bruk Atran axe or Amer felling Axe, etc. these are the top Axe’s for cutting down trees.

But when you are talking about the best splitting Axe, you should know these products name like Fiskars X25 splitting Axe, Fiskars X27 super splitting Axe, Husqvarna 30″ wooden splitting Axe.

The whole process of splitting wood with Axe is very easy. While doing this job, you have to be attentive and focused. Before starting, make sure that you are taking precautions as mentioned such as gloves, safety glasses, work boots, etc.

Just take your time, follow the steps with ease, because now you have learned and are equipped with the knowledge on how to split wood with an Axe.

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