How to Cut Plexiglass with Dremel – Cutting Plexiglass with Dremel

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I woke up unhappy on a Monday morning. I had been worried throughout the previous week because I did not know how to cut Plexiglass with Dremel.  Very painful; I just bought a new Dremel not long ago.

I knew I had to figure it out and then began the search. After going through several videos and how-to articles, I finally uncovered the big mystery: cutting plexiglass with Dremel.

The thought that people have the same problem I had popped into my mind. And I thought it best to share the answers I got with you.

Have you been having issues cutting plexiglass with a Dremel? Or have you tried cutting plexiglass with a grinder and even cutting plexiglass with a jigsaw, and you feel it’s time to try something new?

No worries, sit back and relax because this article will give complete information on all you need to know about plexiglass, Dremel, and ultimately how to cut plexiglass with Dremel.

How to Cut Plexiglass with Dremel – Cutting Plexiglass with Dremel

What is Dremel?

First thing first, it’s best to know that Dremel is a whole package. Dremel is a brand that designs a series of portable power tools. These tools can optimally cut, grind, carve, sand, clean, and polish a wide variety of materials.

Yeah, Dremel power tools come in several models and specifications. We have the Dremel 3000, 4000, 4300, and 8220 series.

Plexiglass versus Acrylic

Readers have uproar as they find it hard to reconcile the relationship between plexiglass and acrylic. I can testify to this because I got confused when going through online resources only to discover that acrylic and plexiglass were interchangeable.

For example, if you are reading up on the best way to cut plexiglass, and the resource pointed out a list of acrylic sheet cutters, you’ll get confused, right?

The question is, does a difference between acrylic and plexiglass exist? The truth is, there is no difference. Now let’s have a look at what binds them together.

Acrylic is polymethyl methacrylate, often used as an alternative to glass. Although glass is cheaper, acrylic leads the race due to its unique feature sure as shatter resistance(occurring as plastic), weight, flexibility, and less reflectivity.

Plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic. It is a tale of a brand that started small and growing to become acrylic’s trademark name.

The application of plexiglass sheets includes furniture, windows, bathtubs; the list goes on and on.

We can see that there is no difference between plexiglass and acrylic.

Materials You Can Cut with Dremel

Dremel power tools are known for their versatility. And I tell you, this goes beyond cutting acrylic sheets. What’s the secret? Dremel comes with several accessories that make cutting several materials possible.

These accessories include

With Dremel, you can cut the following materials; metals, fiberglass, plastic, plexiglass, soft, and hardwood.

Overview of Dremel Cutting Bits

There is a wide range of Dremel cutting bits. This is to facilitate the cutting of several materials by the Dremel cutting tool. Each bit type is peculiar to a material. For example, there are wood cutting bits for Dremel, metal cutting bits, Dremel plastic cutting bits, Dremel drywall bits, etc.

The list of Dremel cutting bits is very long, but let’s look at a few of them.

  • Dremel wood cutting bits: if your quest is to cut woods, the Dremel cutting tool is perfect because several Dremel cutting bits will handle the job perfectly. You will make the best decision by using a carbide cutting wheel because they can easily cut through the hardest woods.  Dremel 150 and Dremel 560 are also good bits that you can use.
  • Dremel metal cutting bits: Dremel 150 will cut soft metals, but the diamond burr bit will suffice for any metal.
  • Dremel plastic cutting bits: Dremel 561 and Dremel 150 will do you a great deal in cutting plastics.
  • Dremel plexiglass cutting bits: Waste no timeexperimenting, but use the Dremel 561 acylic. Dremel designed the Dremel 561 acrylic for cutting plexiglass.

Cutting Plexiglass with Dremel: How You Can Do It

It’s time for the real deal. But before we proceed, we should remind ourselves of a few things.

Plexiglass, also called acrylic, is a form of plastic stronger than glass but serves the same purpose. As a result, plexiglass sheets fit into several engineering, architectural, and other industrial applications. 

I know you have been waiting on how to cut plexiglass with Dremel; thumbs up for that because Dremel is one of the best ways to cut plexiglass.

Alright, Let’s get right into it.

Step one

Take a good measurement of the size and height of the plexiglass you want to cut.

A tape rule will help you with that.

Step two

Time to trace out a straight part on the plexiglass. Mark both ends of the plexiglass and trace along with a linear object such as a T square. For a spherical shape, make do of a spherical object to trace out the path on the plexiglass.

Step three

You remember the Dremel 561. Fix it into your Dremel cutting tool. To avoid cracking or even tearing up the plexiglass, set the Dremel speed within the range of 6-8.

Step four

Ensure the plexiglass is well placed and clamped down. This will enable you to make a straight and steady cut. Then, switch on the Dremel and begin to cut along the marked path on the plexiglass.

The Dremel could overheat while cutting; for this reason, pour water on the Dremel as you cut. The water also makes the cutting process smoother. Cut along the marked path till the end.

Step five

Kindly switch off the Dremel and Sand the edges of the plexiglass till they are smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions are inevitable. People ask questions because they seek a way out of ignorance and want a lasting solution to their problems.

On the subject of cutting plexiglass with a Dremel, several questions keep rumbling the minds of many. Some of these questions are even unique to specific persons.

You need not worry because it’s a normal phenomenon, and we have it all covered. Let’s have answers to some frequently asked questions on this subject matter.

How to Use a Dremel Bit

Of course, you should know that you can use Dremel bits for several purposes. These applications range from cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, and a lot more. Therefore, for every purpose, there is a Dremel bit you need to use. So, how do you use a Dremel bit?

  • Start with knowing what you want to do and getting the right bit for the job. For example,     if you’re going to cut a material, you should use a Dremel cutting bit.
  • Kit up on your safety gears. Your safety gear should include gloves and safety glasses. As the saying goes, safety first.
  • Ensure the Dremel is switched off, then insert the required bit for the job you want to carry out. The Dremel tool has a collet that makes the attachment of bits easy. However, the bit should be tightly attached to the collet to avoid wiggling.
  • Turn on the Dremel and gradually set the speed. First, start at a low speed; then you increase as convenient.
  • That’s it; you are up and running with the Dremel bit.
  • Take out the bit after use and clean.

How to Cut 3/8 Plexiglass

It’s one thing to cut a thin material and another to cut a relatively thicker material. But with the right bit, cutting a 3/8 plexiglass is much the same as cutting less thick plexiglass.

The multipurpose Dremel 561 bit is what you need. Get a Dremel 561 and follow the previously outlined steps to cut 3/8 plexiglass.

How to Cut Plexiglass Curve

The Dremel multipurpose tool will enable you to carry out different operations with ease and precision. For example, if you intend to cut a plexiglass curve, you will need the Dremel multipurpose cutting kit(Dremel 565).  Dremel 565 cuts into any shape and curve.

When you have measured your plexiglass and placed it firmly on the work table, attach Dremel 565 to the Dremel tool and start cutting.

How to Cut Plexiglass in a Circle

People ask, how do I cut a hole in plexiglass? It’s still the same process, but you need the Dremel line and circle cutter(Dremel 678). Attach the Dremel 678 to the Dremel tool and start to cut along the marked circle path.

How to Cut Plexiglass without Cracking

Achieving this means sticking to best practices and using the right accessories.

  • Get the appropriate cutting kits. If you want to cut in circles and curves, use the Dremel 678 and Dremel 565, respectively. In the case of thick plexiglass, use the Dremel 561.
  • Cut within the speed range of 6 to 8
  • Plexiglass comes with a plastic film, do not take it off

How to Cut Plexiglass Without Melting It

The melting of plexiglass is a result of friction when cutting. Therefore, if you want to cut plexiglass without melting, you must cut with the lowest speed settings.

Keep a spray bottle by your side and wet the plexiglass regularly. This will reduce the heating and prevent melting.

How to Cut Thick Plexiglass

The Dremel multitool rotary tool is best for this purpose. Insert the Dremel 561 and cut the thick plexiglass.

How to Cut Shapes in Plexiglass

You can cut whatever shape you desire using the Dremel multipurpose cutting kits (Dremel 565).

  • Draw your desired shape on the plexiglass. You can use a pencil for this.
  • Insert the Dremel 565 and cut out the shape you have drawn.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, It’s been a worthwhile journey. First, we have seen the efficient and unique experience the Dremel tool can give. For example, you can easily cut plexiglass of any thickness with a Dremel. Beyond that, cutting plexiglass into shapes has never been easier without the Dremel power tool.

You can vividly see that cutting plexiglass with a Dremel isn’t a complex process. However, with the complete details, how to cut plexiglass with Dremel should not be an issue anymore.

It’s a whole world of Do-it-yourself vibe the Dremel tools offers. So I would say grab it, use it, and enjoy it.

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