Best Pole Saw Reviews – Top Picks and Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the best pole saw that will help you shape trees in your garden? A pole saw is a versatile tool that you need to cut branches. This tool works well when you are cutting branches on trees, shrub, bush, or any other plant that has bushes.

With the best pole saw for long reach, you can get to the branches safely while you are flat-footed, and you don’t have to strain. You need a quality and reliable tool that will help you cut tall branches or trim hedges.

Since there is a wide range of pole saws on the market, selecting the right one can be tough. I spent time on research and explored different types of pole saws.

I have compiled a detailed review of my top 7 recommended models to help you get the best pole saw to suit your needs.

Top 7 Best Pole Saw Reviews for Woodworkers and Tree Services Professional

When it comes to picking the right pole saw, you need to consider various aspects to choose the best tool. It is essential to check the strengths and weaknesses, power source, length, and cutting strength, among many other aspects. The following are the best-rated pole saw reviews.

1. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Best Pole Saw Reviews

The Poulan pole saw is one of the top-rated pole saw with unique features to suit your job. The tool is from a company that has more than 70 years of experience and is known for high-performance pole saws and other related tools. The saw is lightweight and features a sturdy design to provide you with many years of great services.

This pole saw has a strong 2-stroke 25cc engine that gives it the right cutting power. It also provides you with a 12-foot reach that you can achieve with a 3 feet extension. As compared to other pole saws, this model provides faster cuts, and it is easy to use. It gives you an easy time when you are trimming trees around your compound to get a nice look.

The saw also comes with an 8-inch saw a bar that makes it easy to penetrate when you are cutting thick branches. Another great aspect of this extendable pole saw is that it features a surefire starting that has a spring assist, which makes your operation easier.


  • You can extend it up to 12 feet
  • The saw is powerful
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to start because it has a surefire starting
  • Provides faster cuts
  • It is easy to maintain


  • Comes at a high price
  • Doesn’t have a chain guard
  • Complaints of poor customer service

Bottom Line

This pole saw is a great purchase if you need a tool that is easy to start. You can cut branches that are up to 6 inches in diameter and have a total reach of 12 feet. The pole saw also offers more power to help you maintain your trees for a good look. Considering its high prices, you will note that the features of the pole saw match its price.

2. Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw

Using a ladder to trim trees and bushes can strain your arms and back. You can invest in the Remington rm2599 and do the work effortlessly and without fatigue.

This is an affordable pole saw features a QuickStart technology that makes it convenient and easy to start. It has a 25 cc 2-cycle engine that is powerful to handle even the most demanding cutting tasks.

The saw has an 8-inch bar and a chain that you can mount an extension pole that is 7 feet high. As a result, you can enjoy a reach of up to 12 feet with this tool.

You can cut overhead branches with this pole with less kickback. The tool also accepts attachments from various brands meaning that you can use it as a hedge trimmer, edger, or blower, and much more.

Unlike many pole saws, this saw has an auto oiler that ensures the chain stays lubricated all the time. This gives you great performance and easy maintenance when you are doing your work.


  • The tool is versatile
  • It has a powerful engine
  • Has an auto oilier
  • The pole saw has an innovative design
  • The pole saw is extendable
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • It is noisy during operation
  • Some people find it hard to keep running

Bottom Line

The Remington RM1035P pole saw features a nice design which makes it easy to use and gives you 12 feet reach. It is a versatile tool that accepts attachments so you can use it as an edger, hedge trimmer, or blower. It is self-lubricating making it easy to maintain and you can always be sure of reliable performance.

3. ​Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

If you want to enjoy cordless convenience when cutting bushes and trimming ranches, the GreenWorks pole saw can be a great purchase.

The pole saw is equipped with a powerful Li-ion Battery system that provides the required power to help you handle your work perfectly.

This tool is easy to work with because it is lightweight. Additionally, it features an 8-inch bar and a chain that makes trimming tasks pretty easy.

You can also adjust the chain tensioning system with ease to make it tighter. The pole saw also has a 3-piece aluminum shaft that you can extend to achieve a reach of 8 feet.

Another notable aspect of this tool is the automatic oiler that ensures the chain and the bar are oiled all the time. This means that you can achieve reliable performance and durability when you are dealing with this tool.

It is also designed with a translucent oil tank, making it easy for you to see the level of the oil in the tank.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It has an automatic oiler
  • Features a brushless motor and electric start
  • Easy to adjust chain tensioning system
  • The saw has a cushion grip for comfort
  • It comes with a battery and charger


  • The pole saw is noisy
  • Some users don’t find it reliable

Bottom Line

Trimming branches is easier with this battery-powered pole saw. It features an electric start and an automatic oiler which makes it easy to use. The pole also offers an easy chain tensioning adjustment and it can cut up to 65 cuts per charge. It is also lightweight so you can carry it with easy to various locations.

4. ​BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Pole Saw, 8-Inch

When you are choosing any power tool, it is important to consider the brand. Black and Decker are among the top brands that you can trust with reliable and durable tools that meet the needs of users.

In their series of pole saws, the black and decker pole saw is one of the power pruner poles saw that you can choose. This battery-powered pole saw has 375 rpm so you can achieve a faster cutting speed.

Unlike other cordless pole saws, this model has 20-volt power, which makes it powerful. It provides you with an 8-inch cutting bar that you can use to cut branches that are about 6 inches wide.

In as much as the pole saw is not designed for thicker pruning, it has enough power as compared to other electric models. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and operate.

When it comes to the design, the tool features an equal distribution of weight. This makes it easy to maintain. The pole saw also provides reliable performance, and it is easy to maintain.

You will also enjoy an extension of up to 10 feet, which gives you a longer reach, unlike other cordless pole saws.


  • Offers a longer reach
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It has a powerful battery
  • The battery can be used with other Black and Decker tools


  • Chain and bar requires regular lubrication
  • Battery takes time to charge

Bottom Line

This is a powerful pole saw that can cut up to 100 cuts pine branches per charge. It features an 8-inch cutting bar and chain that allows a maximum cutting performance of up to 6 inches. This pruning saw is lightweight and suitable for different types of cuts. The tool also disassembles with ease for easy transportation.

5. ​​TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw

The trimmer plus ps720 is a perfect pole saw that will help you clean and prune trees that are hard to reach. This versatile tool features an 8-inch bar and a chain to increase the cutting rate.

It works well when you are pruning or trimming hedges. The pole saw also connects to attachments like trimmers from various brands like Craftsman and Remington.

Sometimes, you can forget to lubricate the bar and the chain. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about that because it is self-lubricating. This assures you of a smooth and reliable performance all the time.

The pole saw provides you with a reach of 12 feet with a 7-foot pole saw depending on the height of the user. It also has two extensions that give room for two height options.

Are you worried about carrying the pole saw? This model offers you effortless carrying because it is lightweight. So, if you need to take it from one place to the other, you can do that without any problems.

The pole saw is also easy to store since it doesn’t take more space.


  • You can attach it to different trimmers
  • It is portable and easy to use
  • The tool offers a versatile use
  • Comes with two extensions
  • Has a convenient auto oiling system
  • Safe pole saw and works great


  • Complaints of oil leaks
  • The chain gets dull quickly

Bottom Line

This is an expansive pole saw that is ideal for trimming high branches. You can also connect various attachments for versatile use. The pole saw provides 12 feet reach and it has an auto oiler to keep the bar and chain well-lubricated.

You will also love the two extension sections to give room for various height options. You will also enjoy simple storage especially if space is a concern because it is compact and doesn’t occupy more space.

6. ​​​Worx WG309 8 Amp 10″ Electric Pole Saw

Having the right tool makes your work easier, and you don’t have to work with struggle. The Worx pole saw is another amazing tool for gardeners that helps you handle hard cuts hard to reach places.

With this tool, you don’t need to use a ladder since it has an 8-foot extension pole that offers a reach of 10 feet.

If you would like to cut fallen limbs, you just need to detach the pole and use it as a normal chainsaw. The fool features an auto-tension system with auto-lubrication that gives the tool a smooth operation.

This tool is also compact and lightweight for easy handling. It is designed with an ergonomic comfort grip to reduce fatigue when you are working.

When it comes to power, this pole saw features a powerful 8 amp motor that provides consistent power to help you handle your projects successfully.

You will enjoy more power and torque, meaning that you can complete your work faster. This low-maintenance pole saw has an automatic oil pump and a level indicator so you can always know when the level of oil is low.


  • You can transform the pole saw to a chainsaw
  • Has a rotatable handle for easy use
  • The tool is lightweight and multifunctional
  • Great tool for light lambing, pruning, and trimming
  • Has a powerful motor and more torque
  • Ergonomic grip to reduce fatigue 


  • Better if it had safety features
  • Complaints of oil leak
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Bottom Line

If you need a powerful and lightweight pole saw, this is the best model that offers reliable performance. The tool features a patented auto-tension chain system that provides the chain and the bar an extended life. It has a powerful motor and rotatable handle which makes working with a pole saw pretty easy. The tool is also comfortable so you will not experience fatigue when you are cutting branches for an extended period.

7. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

If you are looking for a pole saw that is safe and easy to use, get the sun joe pole saw. The tool features a powerful 6.5 amp motor that provides the necessary trimming and cutting power.

With this saw, you can cut tree limbs that are up to 7.5 inches thick. This pole saw has an 8-inch bar and a telescoping pole that extends from 8.7 feet to give you an overhead reach of up to 15 feet.

The pole saw has automatic chain lubrication, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lubricate. It also has 2 fl oz oil tank reservoirs that aid automatic chain lubrication. 

This electrically powered pole chain saw, and you can easily power it with a push of a button. Therefore, no more dealing with fumes and smoke.


  • Great for cutting thin logs and hanging limbs
  • Has an extendable telescopic pole
  • Designed with a powerful motor
  • Features automatic chain lubrication
  • Has a built-in safety switch 


  • Doesn’t work for long
  • Users find it heavy

Bottom Line

The sun joe pole saw is a powerful pole was that is great for cutting thick branches up to 7.5 inches. It has a large oil tank and automatic lubrication which makes it easy to use. The saw aps have a high cutting speed and are suitable for cutting logs and overhanging limbs. It features a telescoping pole that can extend to provide you up to 15 feet overhead reach. This electrically powered pole saw is also easy to operate, unlike other models.


After going through the best pole pruner saw reviews, it is essential to understand some aspects that make up a quality pole saw. The following are some crucial things that you should consider before buying the best pole saw.

The power

Most shoppers will consider the power the pole saw has; for instance, if it is a gas pole saw, this means that it will be naturally equipped. It will thus enable you to prune harder and thicker woods.

Again if you purchase a powerful pole saw, it means that it will be durable and serve for a long time. For gas-powered pole saws, they should be frequently oiled so as to save on the maintenance cost that would be incurred.

Regular oiling of the pole saw will make it improve in its appearance and also improve its efficiency in working. For gas units, they have an advantage over the others. This is because you don’t have to wait for the batteries to charge. This will save you time.


Before you purchase a pole saw consider its reach, that is, how high you will be able to cut with it. Ensure it is of average height so as not to be misled in case the manufacturer has indicated the wrong measurements. The correct length will determine accurately what you will be.


When purchasing a pole saw, make sure that it has a warranty. This will enable you to get clear information about the maintenance and the needed support in case something unusual happens to the pole saw. If it fails to work as expected, you have a right to return it to the place you bought it for exchange with a better one.

This will only happen in the warranty period indicated by the manufacturer. They will give you a warranty so as you can get value for your money and no doubt their products.

The price

You should look for a pole saw that is of an affordable price. This will make your plan for your money well. Pole saw prices vary depending on the size of the pole saw. You should make sure that the saw you buy suits the type of work you are ready to perform.

Ensure the pole saw you purchase meets your requirements. They come in different shapes, designs, different blade lengths, among others. Additionally, consider the pole saw brands and get a quality tool from a reputable brand on the market.


You might find a pole saw that has the aspects of a chain saw. This is an added advantage because it can be detached easily. This will, however, incur you more maintenance cost because it is a two in one tool.

Maximum length

Your gas pole should enable you to reach even the farthest parts of a tree which you are willing to prune. Its length should be long enough and should be easily adjusted. 


Your main aim for buying a pole saw is to avoid the instances of climbing a ladder, which at times may be risky. In the use of a ladder, you may easily slip and fall, or even the ladder may get loose, and imbalance and this may cause injuries.

Using a pole saw is safe, but also it may get risky. This is because when working, you are lifting the saw above your head. Thus, you have to apply some safety mechanisms to prevent accidents.

Ensure you buy the saw along with other safety equipment. They include goggles, which will prevent foreign objects from entering your eyes. You also need gloves to protect your hands and also wear the appropriate attire.

In case you observe any abnormal behavior with the saw, make sure you service it before working. Working with an impaired object may risk your life.

Note:Do not use the electric-powered pole saws in wet conditions, especially during the rainy seasons. If it is a must to use them, make sure that the pole saws are waterproof. This will prevent shock.


You should buy a pole saw with a sensible weight. This is because you often need to lift it up when working, and in case you drop it, it will cause damage to you. You may use one hand when dealing with lighter saws.

Normally, the electrically powered saws are lighter than the gas-powered saws. These saws are heavy because they have a tank that holds their fuel when working and thus makes it tiresome to move around with them.

Safety Tips for Using the Best Pole Saw

When you are choosing the best tree cutter, not only should you consider a lightweight pole saw but also safety. Pole saws are efficient when it comes to trimming branches, but they can also be hazardous if you don’t use them the right way.

I have gathered some safety tips that will help you use your pole saw the right way for better results and minimal injuries. Always keep these safety tips in mind when you are using a pole saw.

1. Chain condition and branch type

Before you start using the pole saw, it is essential to consider the condition of the chain. Make sure the chain is perfectly locked on the frame and also ensure the pole is stable.

When it comes to the type of branches, consider whether you are cutting dry or wet branches because each of them has a different way of cutting them.

2. Check the manual

Just like any other tool, you need to go through the manual so that you can understand it is functioning deeper. Every pole saw comes with a manual that includes technical specs,

operating procedures, safety precautions, maintenance, and other relevant information.

Make sure you check the safety warnings and labels included for safe operation.

3. Wear the right gear

It is crucial to wear personal protective gear before using a pole saw. Wearing the right safety gear is an important measure that keeps you safe when cutting branches.

Some of the protective gear that you should wear include a helmet, ear muffs, safety goggles, long and thick pants, steel-capped boots, and anti-vibration gloves, among others.

4. Intended use only

Pole saws are specially designed for one purpose; to cut branches or prune tree limbs. Even if you have a heavy-duty pole saw, you should use it for the intended purpose.

Avoid using the tool for other purposes so that you can enjoy safe use. There is always the right tool for a particular type of work.

5. Check out the conditions

Inspect the area to ensure that there is no overhead obstruction that can hinder you from doing your work. It is also wise to check the current weather condition because it can be challenging to use a pole saw when it is raining, windy or dark.

Another thing that you should check is the condition of the trees that you are cutting. Are the branches dead? Does the tree have loosened bark? Checking all these conditions will help you ensure that there is no potential danger near you.

6. Keep the saw upright

Always ensure that the pole saw is upright all the time. You can operate the tool with ease when it is in a vertical position. You can also utilize a harness to distribute the weight of the saw away far from your arms.

7. Avoid cutting overhead

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are when it comes to using pole saws. You should not cut branches that are above you directly. You can make a wrong move and eventually get hit by the falling limb.

You should always stay away from the branches that you are cutting. Other safety tips that you should consider include the following:

  • Take regular breaks
  • Use the pole saw during the day
  • Always ensure that the cord is untangled
  • Cut one limb or brand at a time
  • Keep kids and pets away

Tips To Maintain Your Pole Saw

Maintaining your tool properly ensures it is working well and extends its life. It is important to follow the tips provided by the manufacturer in the manual to help you do the right maintenance.

Whether you have an electric or gas pole saw, the following maintenance tips will keep your tool in the right condition.

Electric pole saw maintenance

Before you use the tool, ensure that the nuts, screws, and bolts are tight. Check whether the trigger and the trigger lock work normally before you use the saw. You should also check the chain and ensure there are no damages.

After every use, clean the outside of the saw using a damp rag. You should also clean the protective cover and keep the machine in the storage bag.

Gas pole saw maintenance 

If you have a gas pole saw, make sure you clean the air filter before use. If there is a need to replace it, you can do that before you start working. You should also check if there are leaks on the fuel tank or engine before use.

You should also do some weekly maintenance, which involves checking the starter cord for signs of wear. Check if there are damages to the vibration damping elements and clean the outer part of the spark plug. You should also check if there is any presence of metal burrs and file them.

For monthly maintenance tips, check if there are clogs on the fuel filter and replace the spark plug. You should also check if there are cracks or signs of dames on the fuel hose and take the right measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Pole Saw?

A: A pole saw is a saw that is placed at the end of a pole. It is a tool that is used for trimming trees. These include activities like the pruning of the large shrubs from a tree.

A pole saw will help you in reaching the higher parts of a tree that would mostly require you to use a ladder. Normally, pole saws are cut up to a thickness of six inches. If a block of wood is thicker than that, it will be more difficult for you to cut it, and it will be time-consuming too. 

Q: What is a Pole Saw Used for?

A: A pole saw is purposely made for cutting branches. You should use the tool to cut branches that you cannot reach when you are standing flat-footed.

Q: How to Use a Pole Saw?

A: The first thing that you need to do when using a pole saw is to clear the work area. Then decide where you need to cut and position your pole saw correctly.

You should also position yourself well and start cutting slowly and perpendicular to the branch. Continue cutting, and when you are through clean up the work area.

Check in-depth to learn more!

Q: Who Should Buy a Pole Saw?

A: A pole saw is a great tool for gardeners who want to trim branches on trees in their garden to give a nice look. They are also suitable for commercial applications.

Q: What is the Best Power Source for a Pole Saw?

A: There are different types of power sources for pole saws that you can choose from. This included cordless pole saws, corded electric pole saw, and gas pole saws. You can choose the required power source based on your needs.

Q: What is Reach?

A: The reach in pole saws varies from one model to the other. In most cases, many pole saws have a length of 6 feet, but you can find some other models that provide an extended reach. 

Q: How to Determine the Best Pole Saw to Buy?

A: There are several things that you need to consider when buying a pole saw. Some top tips that will help you get the best pole saw include the pole saw handle, length of the pole, chain tension, and other accessories.

We have also given you more details on our guide to help you pick the right pole saw.

Q: What are Your Physical Restrictions?

A: You need to consider some safety measures when you are working with a pole saw. First, wear the right safety gear like work boots, goggles, hard hats, and leather gloves, among others.


After checking the above reviews, it is easy to find the best pole saw that would help you prune trees and cut branches. The following are my top 3 recommendations.

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Pole Saw, 8-Inch, Cordless

This is my number one recommendation for those people looking for a cordless and powerful pole saw. Most cordless pole saws have an 18-volt power output. This model has 20 volts of power output making it the most powerful cordless pole saw. Again, it has a longer reach of up to 10 feet, unlike other cordless pole saws.

2. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

This is another top pole saw that I would recommend. The pole saw is versatile, lightweight extendable, and comes with many amazing features. Considering its price, it is the best commercial pole saw that you could get. If you are also not worried about spending much on a high-quality tool, this pole saw is suitable for you.

3. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Safety should always be a major concern when you are dealing with pole saws. This Sun Joe model is the safest pole saw you can get on the market today. It features a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starting. Unlike other pole saws, this model is electrically powered, so you don’t have to deal with starters, fumes, some, or expensive tune-ups. This makes it safe and very easy to use.

Also, do not use your tool in tasks that it can’t handle. Most pole saws are designed to cut thick limbs. You should also avoid working on branches that are near power lines.


The best pole saw is a valuable tool that gardeners need to cut branches and keep the garden perfectly maintained. After going through my reviews and guide, shopping for the best pole saw should not be a challenging task anymore.

I researched the market on your behalf to help you narrow down your options and pick a pole saw that meets your needs. I have provided you with the best pole chainsaw reviews that cover their unique aspects, pros, and cons.

I have also tried to provide you with a buying guide and some tips from my professional experiences to help you use and maintain your pole saw the right way. Compare these products and pick the most suitable tool with the features that you want.

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