How to Cut a Taper on a Table Saw – A Step by Step Guide

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In case you are a DIY professional or beginner, or just a person in the sector of construction, then a table saw is one of the common tools you usually interact with.

You usually interact with a table saw, but some of us don’t know how it operates and its function.

How to Cut a Taper on a Table Saw

Ideal tools are so vital when it comes to an individual who wishes to achieve great from their work. When it comes to woodwork, the table saw the operational process should be in your fingerprints.

A table saw is so critical when it comes to cutting boards, making crown molding. Just like any other tool available in the market, the table saw comes in a variety of sizes and models.

However, cutting a taper properly requires you to have the best table saw. If you don’t know how to go about it, this guide covers essentials tips on how to cut a taper on a table saw.

Uses of a Table Saw

Before we get started, it is important to know about the common functions of a table saw. Here are some of their popular purposes;

How to Usa a Table Saw

Straight cuts

The basic function of ant table saw is making straight cuts on aboard. The table can effectively rip boards and make cross cuts in different sizes of boards.  Rip involves several activities at its making long straight cuts using the grain of any wood.

On the other hand, cross-cutting its just making cuts across the wood’s grain. It’s used when you wish to trim a piece of wood to suit a particular size.

Angle cuts

With the help of the best table saw under 300, you can adjust the angle of the wood you are cutting. For example, you can simply adjust the angle of a certain blade to around 45 degress as you rip the wood on a 2×2.

In case you need to make mitered cuts, you need some skills in the process. This is just a sled or box. It’s easy to make them using a home table saw or just purchase a rig in the new by store.


For you to make joints you need the best table saw blades On the side of joints, you need some extra aids for the job to be done perfectly and effectively. The best table saw accessories are the best choice you can make when making a joint.

The main reason is that the table saw is ideal for making cuts. Joints are so important when you intend two or pieces of boards at a certain angle.

How to Cut a Taper on a Table Saw: Things You Need

How To Cut Taper On A Table Saw

A clamp – it’s used for security and safety measures. It helps in the mounting of the work-pieces you are using in the process of cutting the taper.

Blade  blade it’s useful when it comes to making cuts onto the wood or board.

Pencil – the pencil it’s a tinny tool that it’s very critical when it comes to measurement. You need to make the line of the plywood for perfect cutting.

Screw – it’s useful in screwing the toggle clamp to the mounting blocks

Mount block – used for holding the board or wood into position.

A saw – this is the critical tool in the cutting taper process. It’s essential in making cuts to the board.

Power source – it’s not easy to operate the power saw without a power source. Chose the ideal power source that will work effectively with your machine

Tape – used for taking measurement

Step By Step Guide on How to Cut A Taper On A Table Saw

How to make a long taper cut on a table saw it’s extremely easy with the use of the best table saw. The table saw is the popular tool used all over the world in cutting the tapers. Table saw is a readily available tool in the market as compared to other similar models.

On top of that, it’s the fastest way of cutting tapers. It involves simple and straightforward steps when it comes to tapper cutting. We have several ways to go about that.  The first way you can decide to purchase or make your jig.

Making a jig is a great idea when you need to give a successful and safe plan of how to make a tapper.

Most woodworkers prefer the use of the best rockler tapers because they minimize the proportions of table legs. They help in providing more slender and intricate look products.

Therefore no way you can make quality and amazing tapers without an idea of how to cut a taper on a table saw using jig works. However, we have provided a step by step guide on how to go about it.

Normally, people usually purchase tapering jigs from the nearby store at a high cost which is so annoying. The store seller limits your control and has the workpiece when it comes to the ripping process.

Nevertheless, this results in the poor and shoddy cutting of the tapper.

The best thing about using your jig is the fact that it performs tapering in the way you want. Follow the simple step: this is how to use a taper jig on a table saw.

Create a suitable base –the first step is to come up with a piece of board that has a long one straight edge than the other. Plywood is the best choice in making a suitable base for your jig. Also, you can use other products like sheet material for the same purpose.

Ensure the material is strong enough to avoid the case of breaking. Raise your best table saw bade to around 1/16oinche above the table saw for it to make a shallow kerf. Rip the plywood base to approximately 6 inches and height of between 6 to 8 inches.

Note that the base should be longer as compared to the leg you intend to taper.

Identifying the blade’s site – determine the ideal location where the best table saw blade can enter and then leave the piece of wood. Draw the taper to cut on the workpiece and make sure you extend the line.

Extend the line through the adjacent face like the end of the leg. Using the clamper, clamp the leg into the jig base as well as the bench. Ensure the taper line is perpendicularly aligned to the edge of your base for maximum cutting efficiency.

Make a straight piece of the crap. The cut will be your supporter and should be made behind the leg. The support should be of the same length as the leg and fix it opposite the leg. Afterward, fasten the support into position on the base with the help of wood screws.

Chose a quality stock block – the stock block should be attached to the jig that is perfectly positioned against the leg. When choosing a certain stock block, make sure that the block can perfectly fit the rockler taper jig.

Make two mount black – using your scrap, make two identical blocks that are of similar diameter and thickness as your leg. Fasten the block behind the support while ensuring the block doesn’t twist and should be closer to the end of the leg.

Screw the toggle clamp – after positioning the mounting blocks, screw your toggle clamps into the mounting blocks. Enforce the clamp for firmly pressed on your leg.  Once you are done, your best rockler taper jig is complete and ready to use.

Preparation – Put the jig on the table saw. Raise your blade to ensure the teeth have attached at least a quarter inches over the leg’s upper part. Hold the jig on the rip fence of your leg as you appropriately adjust the rip.

Pull the jig backward to ensure it’s not attached to the blade then you can lock the rip fence.

Start the saw – keenly start your best inexpensive table saw and feed the jig along the rip fence to ensure that it rips the taper. Provide full support to the jig with your hand. This is a simple process of cutting angled or tapered parts using a table saw.

Unlike other methods, this is a straightforward and effortless method to your desired angles using wood. It’s a versatile, easy, and safe method.

However, you need to keep in mind that the method it’s not the best choice for cutting identical parts. The reason is that the method is not repeatable like other methods.

Here Are the Steps to Follow

Draw a line with a pencil- if you need to make any furniture of any length you are required to make tapered cuts. The tapered table legs are a prime example of taper cuts. Lay down the tapered cut on your workpiece and make sure it’s on a straight edge for efficiency.

Include the kerfs before beginning the process. Using the pencil, draw a straight line to represent the cutting path of the two sides.

Provide a guide board – the common and ideal boards you are using are wide plain board or plywood as they cover the discard. The board so be long enough to reach both sides of your blank.

Adjust the board while aligning with the kerfs line you drew.  Using several screws, secure it onto the discard.

Set the fence – flip the board from one end to the other. The guide board is responsible for setting the table saw in the right position.

Start cutting – this is usually the final step and you are ready to begin cutting. Start the saw after you remove the guide board and you are free to cut your intended parts. The jig should be a few inches longer than the leg stock to use.

Cut it in a way that its ends are squared and the sides of the jigs are parallel to one another.

Backstop screw – the next step is to screw the backstop on one side of the jig to capture the bigger side of the taper. The front stop located near the opposite end of your jig that is responsible for catching the leg.  The plywood should be aligned at a right angle to the taper.

Adjust the angle of tapering – afterward, adjust the angle of your rockler taper jig to suit the desired angle of your taper. The blade and tapered leg should meet at a point you intend to cut therefore you need to position the saw fence.

Cut preparation – after setting your best saw fence, cut preparation becomes your next step. Measure from the inside edge (part) of your jig toward the more beige edge of the taper. The blade and fence distance are determined by the measurements you pick.

Therefore, you need to be careful while measuring to ensure you get the collect measurements.

Start the saw – after you switch on the saw the board and tapering jig you intend to make cuttings will be automatically forced to move forward. The jig part is then left behind adjust to the inside edge of your fence.

The process proceeds on till you finish the tapering process. The best compact table saw will provide quality and straight cuts to the taper.

If you intend to taper the leg for a second time, rotate the leg blank at an angle of 90 degrees. The rotation should be done in the same jig.

After finishing rotating the leg in this manner a new face will appear that is un-tapered. The leg rests in the table saw and you are free to proceed with the second cut. That how simple it’s to make a long taper cut on a table saw.

Final Verdict

These are the popular and simple steps that anyone can follow to perform tapering. The main factor that will determine how effective the methods will work; it’s the level of keenness. Tapering it’s a simple and straightforward task that can be done in a minute if only you are serious and focused on what you are doing.

If you are bigger then, you have all that it partakes to make a quality cutting using a table saw. In the market, we have a lot of inexpensive table saws that you can use.  The best compact table saw should be easy to handle. I hope the review has provided helpful details.

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