How to Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw – Easy 5 Steps Guide with FAQs

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Do you want to learn how to cut pavers with a wet saw? Are you planning to build a driveway, patio, or walkway? If the answers to these questions are yes, you are on the right platform.

Bricks, stone, and concrete are the main materials used in building the patio, walkway, or driveway. Pavers are required when developing a specific layout for your project. You also need to choose the right tool for your work.

A wet saw or paving stone splitter is required when making the cuts. You can also use an angle grinder with a diamond blade or hammer and a cold chisel.

How to Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw – Easy 5 Steps Guide

Before cutting pavers, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and protective clothing. This is a checklist of items you might need:

  • Paver wet saw
  • Pencil
  • Square or straightedge
  • Dust mask
  • Work Gloves

Once the list is catered for and you have all the items. You can go ahead and starting cutting pavers. Here is the outlined process on how to cut pavers with a wet saw.

How to Cut Pavers with a Wet Saw –  Simple Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Mark The Cut

You have to mark where to cut on the front face of the paver. Use a pencil and square to indicate where you will cut.

Step 2: Position The Paver

The marked pavers are then placed on the saw sled. They have to fully rest against the back lip of the saw’s sled. Align the cutting line with the wet saw blade. Once you have positioned the saw, slide the sled back.

Step 3: Turn On The Saw

When the saw is turned water will flow at full speed. The water tray should be filled to ensure a continuous flow of water when the saw is running.

Step 4: Make The Cut

Hold the paver against the sled and keep your hands away from the blade. Next, slowly push the sled and steadily cut the paver in place. The blade should cut through the paver.

Step 5: Retract The Sled

Once the paver has been cut, you have to slide the sled back, remove the cut paver pieces and turn off the wet saw.

Depending on the type of patio or walkway you want to build. You can cut the pavers in different sizes. This includes the 12 × 12 concrete pavers, 24 × 24 concrete pavers, and 24 × 24 concrete paver model.

There are two types of wets saws that are used to cut pavers.

The first one is the bench type offers precision cuts and allows thicker stone or brick paver cuttings. The second one is the handheld portable wet saw that offers great flexibility especially when cutting tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Saw To Cut Pavers?

A: The best paver saw is the wet saw. This particular saw allows you to make lots of cuts. It is also efficient because the water sprayed on the blade when making cuts reduces dust and heat.

If you can’t purchase this saw. Some platforms allow the renting of these saws.

A wet saw is not the only saw used in cutting pavers. If you own a standard angle grinder or circular saw, you can still cut pavers. The process of cutting pavers is the same.

You only require a non-slip mat to hold the pavers in place when cutting. You also have to make two cuts, one at the bottom and the other on the bottom.

Q: What Kind Of Saw Is Used To Cut Pavers?

A: Paver stones are cut using the wet saw, miter saws, and circular saws. For the circular saws, you need to replace the blade by using the diamond masonry blade when cutting paver stones.

The large miter saws are mainly used to cut these particular stones.

Awet saw offers more precision and reduces the emission of heat and dust. The process involved in using a wet saw is also simpler compared to the standard circular saw or large concrete saws.

It all depends on which saw suits you best for your project. You are not limited to only one saw.

Q: Can A Tile Saw Be Used To Cut Pavers?

A: Yes.  A wet tile saw can be used to cut pavers. The tile saw is versatile equipment which is mainly used to cut tiles and stone veneers. Since the tile saw is mainly used to cut tiles, you need to change the blade to allow it to cut pavers.

Fill the water ray with water and mark or fit the measurement on the area you are going to cut. If you have thick paver stones.

You have to cut two phases, one to half-depth and the other all the way through. Check through your manual to determine the maximum cutting depth.

Q: Can I Cut Pavers With A Tile Saw?

A: A tile saw can be used in cutting paver stones. The wet tile saw is mainly preferred for the cutting process. The blade needs to be changed since a different material is placed on the tile saw.

If your blades description shows it can be used to cut paver stones.

You don’t need to change it. Make sure you have placed a nark on where to cut. You should also have your protective gear when making any cuts on paver stones.

Q: How Do You Cut A Paver Without A Saw?

A: If you don’t have a saw and the number of stones to be cut are a few. You can use a hammer and cold chisel. The process of cutting paver stones with a hammer and chisel involves three steps.

The first step is to mark the cut using a pencil and straight edge and transfer the line to the three sides of the paver stone.

The second step is tapping the chisel with the hammer while making shallow grove cuts. The third step is to place the pave face-up on a flat surface, chisel edge into the shallow groove and hit the chisel with the hammer to break it along the grooved line.

Q: How Do You Cut Brick Pavers By Hand?

A: Brick pavers can be cut by hand using a sharp chisel and hammer. You are not limited using this method if you don’t own any saw. The soft brick pavers are mostly used in such a process.

You have to mark a line using a pencil and ensure you have goggles to prevent the chips from getting to your eyes. The front face, back, and sides need to be marked.

Cut the line using the chisel and hammer. It should 1/16-inch deep and one or two passes will cut the paver stone.

Q: How Do You Cut Pavers For Curves?

A: Cutting pavers with various equipment mainly make straight cuts. Whether it is a wet saw, circular saw, tile saw or hammer and chisel.

When you need to make curved cuts, the angle grinder is mainly used. You need to score or mark the curved cut.

Using the angle grinder makes a cut of about 1/8-inch deep on the curved area marked. You should then make a full straight cut tangent to the marked line and break off the paver stone.

This is the process involved in how to cut pavers for curves.

Q: How Do You Cut Curved Pavers With A Wet Saw?

A: Cutting curves in pavers with a wet saw requires that you make three or 4 straight lines along the marked curve area. Ensure you have the correct view of the guideline when using the wet saw.

The cutting of curves in pavers requires an expert who can position the blade to make a straight cut on the guideline. It is also a tricky process since the circular saw is mainly used to make curves on the paver stones.

It is also easier to make curves on a large number of pavers using the saw.

Q: How To Mark Pavers For Cutting?

A: Marking the pavers for cutting is a simple process. You only need a pencil and a straight edge to make a line. Marking the pavers depends on the saw you are using.

The method involved on how to mark the pavers for cutting while using a wet saw is not the same when using a circular saw.

You must follow the correct marking procedure for each type of saw you are using. The marking process for cutting pavers by hand is also not similar to using a saw.

Q: How To Cut Paver Edging?

A: The process of how to cut paver edging requires aluminium paver edging. It can be installed on your wet saw to allow smooth edges to be created. It is important to check your saws compatibility with these items.

It can also be used when making straight cuts on pavers. If you can’t afford to purchase this item. You can use a hacksaw or metal snips to cut paver edging. You can curve any angle or curves with this item.


Cutting pavers is a DIY project that anyone can undertake. You need to have the particular saws required in cutting paver stones. If you don’t the hammer and chisel can come in handy. The wet saw is a piece of versatile equipment that is efficient and provides precise cuts.

That is why most experts prefer it when cutting paver stones. The process is quite straightforward and you don’t have to be skilled while making the straight cuts. Check on this article to learn more about how to cut pavers with a wet saw.

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