How to Change a Blade on Skilsaw Circular Saw – Simple 5 Steps Guide

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Do you want to know how to change the blade on Skilsaw circular saw? Does your Skilsaw manual seem a bit difficult to understand? If you are having these issues with your Skilsaw circular saw, you are in the right place.

Circular saws are preferred by carpenters and cabinetmakers when making specific cuts on doors, cabinets, and wood. These saws have a round blade with razor-sharp metal teeth. Changing circular saw blade is essential when the previous blade gets damaged or dull.

That is why you need to understand how to change a blade on Skilsaw circular saw.

How to Change the Blade on Skilsaw Circular Saw

How To Know When You Need To Replace The Blade

When do you need to change the blade? When the Skilsaw circular saw wears out, burn marks will be present on the wood surface. It will also cut the wood at a slower and strain the saw motor.

The continuous use of the damaged or dull blade may result in physical damage or complete damage to your Skilsaw saw.

The process of replacement of blades is inexpensive, and the procedure is straightforward. The Skilsaw circular saw blade’s replacement requires a blade wrench, but for the battery-powered saw, a hex wrench is needed.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to undertake when changing the blade of your Skilsaw circular saw.

How To Change The Blade On Skilsaw Circular Saw – Step-by-Step Guide

SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 15 Amp 10-1/4" Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw

Step 1: Unplug The Saw

You have to unplug the saw from the outlet. If your Skilsaw is battery-powered, you should remove the battery.

Step 2: Press The Saw Arbor-Lock

You need to press down the Skilsaw blade lock button. Rotate the blade until the lock mechanism engages, and the blade stops spinning. Your circular Skilsaw should be on a wooden surface while pressing down the arbor lock button.

Step 3: Remove The Arbor Nut

Use a wrench to remove the arbor nut that holds the blade. Turn the wrench in the direction of the blade cuts to loosen the nut. An anti-clockwise direction is for a direct-saw drive and clockwise for the worm-drive saws.

You should insert a hex wrench to tighten the arbor nut for a battery-powered circular saw. You must keep the arbor button pressed down as you unscrew the nut. The upper blade guard should be retracted to remove the old blade.

Step 4: Fit The New Blade To Cut

Place the new blade on the saw’s arbor. The teeth should face in the correct direction of rotation. There is an arrow engraved on the blade to show the direction of rotation for the Skilsaw circular saw. The worm-drive saws have a diamond-shaped arbor.

This implies you have to knock and make a hole at the center to conform to the shape. Do this by laying the new blade on two pieces of wood. The center should be hanging in the gap between the two pieces of wood. Use a hammer to punch out the arbor.

Step 5: Replace The Nut

The blade wrench is used to tighten the arbor nut after replacing it. You should depress and tighten the lock nut until it fits properly.

You should not over-tighten to avoid experiencing some difficulty when undertaking the next Skilsaw blade change. Now plug in the power cord to the outlet or place your battery in its slot to use your Skilsaw circular saw.

Now you know the procedure of changing the blade of your circular Skilsaw. There are a few things you need to know before undertaking this process.

These are some of the aspects you need to consider and keep in mind to avoid getting the wrong replacement blade for your Skilsaw. Here are some aspects you need to note.

Types Of Circular Skilsaw Blade

SKILSAW SPT1000 16-5/16'' 32T Circular Saw Blade

Circular skilsaws are used to make cuts various cuts on wood. The most common cuts are mainly crosscuts and rip cuts. A crosscut is made across the width of the board or grain of the wood.

A rip cut is made on the board’s length or with the grain of the wood. Making these cuts requires blades designed to perform such functions.

Crosscut Blade

The crosscut blades have more than 40 teeth, and the top of the teeth is normally v-shaped. They also form some valley at the center of the blade.

Rip-Cut Blade

The rip blade has fewer teeth, and the average is less than 40. When looked at closely, the tops of the teeth for the rip-cut blade are flat.

Combination Blade

A combination blade will make the crosscuts and rip cuts without changing the blades.

The Circular Saw Blade Size Needed

When you are planning to undertake Skilsaw circular saw blade removal. You need to understand which dimensions you have to look for before purchasing a new blade.

The main dimension to consider is the diameter. This is the measurement from the side and through the center of the Skilsaw blade. You also need to know the Skilsaw blade bolt size.

Arbor Diameter

The slot in the middle of the blade has to fit on the shaft. This is an essential measurement you need to check on. The size of any particular circular saw arbor is normally printed on the blade.

If the size has not been printed, measure it or take the damaged blade to your local store when getting a new blade.

Size Of The Blade

The size of the blade is also printed on the circular saw. This makes it easier to identify which blade size you require. If the size of the blade has not been printed or has faded away.

Measure it after removing using the required procedure. Once you determine the size, purchase a new blade for your Skilsaw.


RPM are initials for revolutions per minute, and it is crucial the maximum RPM rating of the new saw blade doesn’t exceed that of the saw. The packaging of the blade indicates the RPM of each saw blade.

The non-geared electric motors usually run from 1,725 RPM or 3,450 RPM. The worm handheld drive circular saws run from 4,000 to 5,000 RPM.

Quick Tips And Hints

When replacing the blade of your circular Skilsaw blade, you need to make sure you wear some gloves to avoid getting injured.

The blade gets dull on continued use, and proper maintenance is essential. Use Skilsaw oil to provide smooth rotation and sharpen the teeth for efficient cutting.

The instruction manual offered by the manufacturer is the best reference for the maintenance of your circular saw. It also offers crucial information regarding the change of blades and troubleshooting some issues on your Skilsaw circular saw.

The replacement of blades may not be established only when the saw is damaged. Switchblades to undertake either a rip cut or crosscut.

It could also be a change of material you need to cut. There are saws with a blade release switch to make it easier to remove the blade.

The older saws have a nut that needs to be unscrewed using a nut. The process of removal is the one mentioned in the steps above.

While in the replacement process, start cleaning the upper and lower blade guards. Clean off the accumulated sawdust. You should also make sure the blade fits properly.

Maintenance Of The Skilsaw Circular Blade

Dirty blades mainly make rougher cuts. More friction on the teeth of the blade makes the cutting process more difficult. That is why you need to clean the blade using the recommended product.

Most people use a citrus cleaner, which can harm the tips and binder of the saw. The best product is the Simple Green cleaner, and it is a concentrated solution that is non-toxic and bio-gradable.

This product can be used directly from its container or diluted with water. By using the product on an occasional basis, the blade will always perform efficiently and make accurate cuts.

The process of cleaning involves diluting Simple Green in water using a ratio of 3:1. Remove the blade from the saw and place the blade in that cleaning solution.

You should let it soak for a few minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub the teeth of the blade until the blade is clean.

Raise the blade in the water and wait for the blade to dry before it is placed on the saw completely. Tighten the bolt well and place the blade in the right direction of rotation.


The process of installing the new blade on your Skilsaw circular saw is fairly easy. You just need to know the size of the blade, arbor diameter, and RPM of the new blade to avoid having an incompatible blade. Circular saws ensure that the required cuts are made in making countertops, doors, and cabinets.

Take the opportunity and replace the blade using the recommended procedure. Make sure you also undertake the various maintenance activities on your Skilsaw circular saw. I have outlined how to change the blade on a Skilsaw circular saw for your owner’s benefit.

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